Real Life Closet Makeover: Katy’s Woefully Unkempt Walk-in

updated Jul 17, 2020
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(Image credit: Katy Cartland)
  • Closet size: About 56 sq. ft
  • How many people use this closet? 2
  • How long have you lived in your home? 4 months
  • Your closet in five words or less: Comfortably chaotic

Katy’s actual closet is really quite perfect. The house was remodeled before she moved in four months ago, and this big, square, walk-in closet was added onto the back of the master, and is attached to her ensuite bathroom. It came equipped with a bunch of wire shelving and closet bars, which, although better than nothing, wasn’t everything Katy needed it to be. The closet slowly fell apart over the course of a couple of months.

Makeover Plans

Katy loves the idea of not being stressed out each time she walks into her closet to find clothes: the thought of a serene, minimalist closet with uniform organization makes her happy! This means getting all of the items in the closet lined up and organized by category and color. Afterwards, it will feel like she’s shopping in a store, where she can actually SEE everything!

Closet Personality Profile: I’m a Closet Economist. Does this surprise me? Yes and no. I tend to be an impulsive shopper, but that’s why I stick to cheap stores, sale racks and thrift stores, because I know my limits!

Biggest Closet Sin: Throwing things in places they don’t belong because it’s faster than taking the time to organize it!

One Odd Item That Really Doesn’t Belong in There: Large plastic tubs full of random items ranging from high school notebooks (why?!), out of season clothing, trinkets from childhood, leather working tools… we are strange.

Closet Goals: 1) Find a better use for the upper wire shelf, instead of using it to store shoes; 2) Come up with a storage solution for small accessories and gear; and 3) Replace slippery hangers with a new slimmer set.

Shopping List