Celebrate Your Effort With These Adult Award Ribbons

published Mar 7, 2020
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Kids love positive reinforcement: gold star stickers, a cute bandage to celebrate sitting through a shot at the doctor’s office, certificates for accomplishments like being on time, trying your best, or just participating. As adults, though, we have to slog through daily life without constant encouragement, driven by intrinsic motivation or whatever. But we see you out there deserving honorable mention. And so do the makers of the adult award ribbons.

The adult award ribbons, sold at Uncommon Goods, are just grown-up versions of the kind of ribbons you may have won at Girl Scouts or in your second grade spelling bee. Here’s what Uncommon Goods has to say about them:

“You remembered to brush your teeth this morning and were only 10 minutes late to work. Now that deserves a gold medal! These ribbons may look like your standard spelling bee runner-up award, but let’s face it—you haven’t won anything that big in years. Rather, celebrate the fact that you put pants on today or accomplished the least party socialization. You know, the real achievements. Stir up your next gathering or hand them out to the people who are most deserving. ‘Best at saying what we’re all thinking,’ we’re looking at you Aunt Cindy.”

Give a ribbon to your kid who is just beginning to learn the thankless struggle that is adulting or to a friend who needs some support and a good laugh. Or just buy them for yourself. Every time you bravely step out of your comfiest sweats and into your work clothes, you deserve a bit of recognition. 

Find the set of four adult award ribbons on Uncommon Goods for $25.