9 Affirmation Decks to Fit Every Mood and Help You Live Your Best Life

published Apr 6, 2021
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Words — and especially those that we tell ourselves — hold power. One way to ensure that those words are supportive and gracious is with positive affirmations, otherwise known as little messages from yourself to yourself meant to empower the person speaking them. As New York City-based psychologist Jaclyn Lopez Witmer previously told Apartment Therapy, reciting affirmations “contributes to a more positive mood and mindset for the day because it is a way of practicing self-compassion, treating yourself with kindness and love the way you treat others.”

If you’ve never imagined that you’d be the type to speak words of kindness to yourself in the mirror, now would be a good time to note that this practice of self-love doesn’t only take place while looking at your reflection. Affirmations often happen naturally throughout the day, but there are also benefits to taking an active role in delivering constructive messages that encourage rather than dissuade.

Daily affirmations have been shown to have positive effects on people’s mental well-being. If you find the right word or phrase, it can be confidence-building, energy-giving, and help you approach the day with your head held high. Affirmation decks are a great way to introduce the practice of mood-boosting self-talk, guiding you to apply powerful and uplifting statements to yourself as a reminder of the wonderful person you are.

Whether you’re an affirmation novice or a seasoned pro in search of new inspiration, here are nine affirmation decks to get you started on a daily practice of hyping yourself up:

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An Etsy bestseller, the Love Yourself affirmation card deck takes moments of the everyday and turns them into calming practices of self-love. The messages on each card encourage you to be open to the gifts that life brings, to trust in the process, and to believe that you’re worth all the peace, love, and joy that comes your way. Deck creator Tori Clark suggests using the Love Yourself deck for morning meditation, journaling, and daily prompts to get you through the day.

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Tap into your connection to the universe with a deck designed to strengthen your trust and patience with yourself. Designed by bestselling author and motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back is a 52-card affirmation deck with watercolor-inspired art and short, powerful messages. Astronomer Carl Sagan said time and time again that “We’re made of star stuff,” so let the cosmos be your guide through the muddled parts of life.

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Pop culture meets daily affirmations in the Real Talk Affirmation Deck. Each card in the 28-piece deck features a bold illustration of recognizable things, from elements of nature to entertainment industry titans. The terms on the cards are just as current as the celebrities, but don’t worry if there’s one you’ve never heard of; the affirmations are detailed enough to clue you in if modern slang isn’t your forte. Bonus: The cards of this pocket deck are a little larger than a credit card, which means you can easily keep this deck on hand whenever inspiration strikes.

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If Wednesday Addams had a set of affirmation cards, the Strange Girls Affirmation Deck would be it. The gothic-themed cards are simple in design on the affirmation side, with phrases framed in corner-bound cobwebs. The back of each card is more intricately-detailed, with images of eyes, insects, and flowers. Statements and short and impactful, leading you with confidence into your best “beautifully strange” life.

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Vibrant and colorful, the “I Am” Power Pack helps you align with the best parts of yourself. The messages on the cards get straight to the point with phases like “I am capable,” “I am creative,” and “I am abundant”. The 42-card affirmation deck recreates a rainbow spectrum when organized by color for an energetic and aesthetically-pleasing spin on self-assurance.

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If you’ve been finding motivation hard to come by, the Be You: Affirmation Deck wants to change that and free you from negative thinking. The 40-card deck includes short, powerful messages meant to inspire you to reach for greatness. The illustrations are quiet and calming, making use of metallics, florals, line drawings, and silhouettes. The deck’s maker also has plenty of suggestions for how to incorporate the cards in your everyday life, including adding them to your planners, pinning them to inspiration boards, or sticking them to your mirror for an affirming message well within reach.

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People have ascribed great significance to flowers for centuries, and this mini affirmation deck renews this meaning for the love you give yourself. The Flower Petals Inspiration Deck was designed by environmental artist Cheralyn Darcey, and is a 40-card collection of affirmations that channels the healing nature of plants. Each card features a single illustration of its dedicated flower and an uplifting message to carry with you for guidance.

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Harness the power of “I am” with an affirmation deck that causes you to speak over your life with confidence. Created by Tarisha Clark, this uplifting deck from I AM & CO features 30 cards with phrases like “I am resilient,” “I am grateful,” and “I am free”. If you’re looking to go deeper, the cards also include longer self-affirming statements to read aloud and drive the point home.

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Love unicorns and whimsy? Stressed out by the idea of “self-help”? Affirmators! almost turns the act of pulling affirmations into a game. Each card is illustrated with empowering messages and imaginative artwork featuring animals, food, body organs, and animated inanimate objects. Mixed into the deck are bonus cards that provide an even stronger dose of self-assurance in terms of spontaneity, strength, patience, forgiveness, and more.