The $4 Aldi Grocery I Always Grab on My Way Out the Door

published Nov 16, 2023
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If I’m not drinking something caffeinated to wake up or relaxing with an adult beverage, I’m
drinking what my niece calls “sparkle water.” Or, what most people call sparkling water. (Let’s face it: Sparkle water sounds a lot more fun.) And while I’ll drink all of the expensive, brand-name bubbly varieties that are out there, my sparkle of choice is Aldi’s eight-pack of PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water.

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

What’s So Great About PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water?

These fizzy waters quench my thirst most elegantly. With fruity flavors like blackberry cucumber, pineapple strawberry, and cherry lime, one sip makes me feel like I’ve bellied up to a poolside bar for some sophisticated refreshment — even when I’m sitting in the pickup line, waiting for my kiddo to finish up his gymnastics practice. And I’m sitting in that line at least five times a week, so I go through a lot of these waters.

The bubbles tingle on my tongue, and they’re a bit softer and rounder than a lot of other canned seltzers. That also means my son and his friends have to work harder to belch after drinking them, which makes for a more pleasant carpooling experience. The flavors are a bit more subtle, and they don’t have that artificial aftertaste that tends to linger. 

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

This summer, my new favorite flavor is cherry lime, but last summer I couldn’t get enough of the blackberry cucumber. My son always prefers the pineapple strawberry, as he will drink or eat anything that has a strawberry flavor. These bubbling beauties are great on their own; they also are perfect to stir into wine and spirit spritzers. The cherry lime pairs great with tequila, while the blackberry cucumber elevates gin, and the pineapple strawberry goes well with rum.

At $3.49, they’re the same price as the 12-packs that their heftier siblings, Belle Vie, come in, making them a little luxury that fits my budget and my busy life. With a smaller circumference, the cans fit easily into my petite hands so I can grab them when I’m on the go. 

I’ve taken them to summer concerts in the park, tucked them into coolers for road trips, and grabbed them on the way out to the pool or the backyard. But most often, I grab them on the way out to pickup lines for sports practices and other errands. No matter when or where you go, though, they’ll keep you hydrated in the most sparkling of ways.

Find it in stores: PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water, $3.49 for 8 (12-ounce) cans

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