The $4 Aldi Refrigerated Find That’s Actually a Reusable Glassware Gem

published Aug 14, 2023
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If we had to choose just one thing we absolutely love about German discount superstore Aldi (and there are so many things), it’s got to be their hidden gems. From new seasonal products and groceries debuting monthly to reusable (and sustainable!) product packaging, there’s always more than meets the eye as you walk the aisles — and they’re always working to do more for their loyal customers. Our latest find? A sweet treat that comes with an even sweeter surprise: glassware!

New to U.S. Aldi stores this month is a dreamy dessert duo that comes in two different flavors — in two stunning reusable glasses. Aldi brand’s Specially Selected Dulce de Leche or Raspberry Mousse Dessert Cups come packaged in two 2.1-ounce glasses with plastic lids. And at a steal of a price — only $3.99!

Credit: Patty Catalano

Aside from the desserts being delicious, the containers are obviously the real gift. Slightly bigger than the standard shot glass (which is 1.5 ounces), you can use them as shooter glasses (which are typically 2 ounces), for jello shots, mini dessert trifles, or in countless other ways all around the home. 

Credit: Patty Catalano

If you choose to use them for storage, you can fill the cute glasses with toothpicks, earrings, hair clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, beads, air plants, salt, sewing needles, matches, sea shells — or truly anything else your heart desires. You could also get these stretchy silicone lids for them to make them even more versatile. Additionally, if you’re craftier than I am, you could use them to make your own candles to keep or give away as gifts. 

Whatever you choose to do with them, there are definitely plenty of uses after you’re done enjoying the dulce de leche or mousse. And apparently this isn’t the first product that’s come in cute glasses, either — Aldi shoppers have seen glasses like this in several different seasonal desserts in recent years. 

We’ll file these under groceries we’ll buy not only because they’re tasty, but because the stellar packaging is totally reusable. BRB, running to the Aldi refrigerated section before they sell out.

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