This Secret Storage Gem Is Hiding in the Aldi Frozen Aisle

published Jul 9, 2023
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There’s (almost) nothing better than finding an in-the-know supermarket shopping secret. Saving money and finding a hidden gem? Yes, please. So, when this ingenious tip that combines both Aldi and a pretty, reusable storage dish — two of my favorite things — came to light, I couldn’t wait to check it out. 

When it comes to storing food, reusing jars and dishes that come with meals or ingredients is a great way to save money and reduce waste in your kitchen. After discovering this delicious dish in an Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook group, I knew I was in for a treat. In Aldi’s frozen food aisle, the Specially Selected Shrimp & Scallops with Champagne Sauce comes with not one, but two ceramic bowls. And the whole shebang — two delicious seafood plates plus two bowls — clocks in at only $6.99. Talk about an affordable Aldi grocery find!

Credit: Courtesy of Facebook ALDI Aisle of Shame Group

What’s so great about the small, oven-safe terracotta pots is that, aside from the dish being super tasty, the bowls themselves are so versatile in their uses all around the kitchen, the house, and even the garden. Here are a few ideas for what you can use the ceramic dishes for: pet food, crème brûlées, personal pizzas, pot pies, jello, butter, mac and cheese, serving dishes for dips, individual desserts, plant or succulent pebble/watering trays, soap dishes (or for other toiletries like nail brushes or floss), candle holders, bee-and-butterfly summer watering holes (just add rocks and water!), or as an elegant touch to your charcuterie board. Just to name a few! 

Credit: Aldi

This specific grocery item is a seasonal Aldi find, which means it can only be found in stores for a month or two, but we have it on good authority that similar dishes can be found in different items, both frozen and dry, year-round — like Baking Brie Cheese, Crème Brûlée, and King Prawn, Scallop & Lobster Bisque Pots. So if you miss this one, don’t worry. 

All of this is to say that if you weren’t already, it’s high time you keep your eyes out for other extraordinary Aldi gem that you can use all over the house. And run, don’t walk, to the freezer aisle!

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