This Stylish $25 Product Makes Me Smile Every Time I Open My Closet

updated Dec 18, 2020
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I’m a whirlwind of messiness. I’m one of those people who can walk into a bedroom, and in an “I Dream of Jeannie” blink, find half the contents of my closet on the floor or draped over chairs. I have no idea how this happens, but I’m trying to change. I’m becoming a reformed messy person, and the only things that have helped me on this journey are storage solutions: organizational bins, boxes, and dividers. Once something has a home, I’m forced to put it back into its designated spot. One organizational item in particular though has been a total game changer for my closet: a pair of acrylic shelf dividers I purchased from Amazon for just $25. 

These shelf dividers don’t mess around. They’re like my strict Slavic mom in container form; you have zero chance of being a layabout when they’re in the room. I put them on my lowest closet shelf to separate my sweaters—no more leaning towers of knits!—and it’s not an exaggeration to say that I would randomly open my closet door just to stare at the perfect order inside it that first week I put them in. Not only are my turtlenecks and sweaters now in perfect department store stacks, but the shelf dividers themselves are also nice to look at.

Credit: Marlen Komar

The dividers are acrylic, so they’re unassuming and lend a modern, minimalist touch. They don’t make the closet feel more closed off or visually heavy in the way that cramming in extra bins or boxes can. Instead, these separators make the closet feel clean and crisp. Since they’re clear, they’re also easy to match with other organizational products—like acrylic purse dividers—giving you a cohesive, streamlined look throughout your closet if you decide to trick it out further. In the end, the closet doesn’t feel chaotic with different storage solutions in competing colors, textures, and materials. 

Credit: Marlen Komar

There is an additional plus to these dividers: Much like my mother, once they set their mind to something, they don’t budge, no matter how hard you push them. The adhesive on these shelves is industrial strength, so be very careful how you position them—you may not get a second chance! That said, because they stay in place, my closet has stayed just as organized as the day I put them in. Obviously, it’s up to you to fold your clothing, but if you put in that effort, these dividers won’t quit.

If you’re ready to whip your closet into order before the new year or in early 2021, I suggest you give these stylish acrylic dividers a try. They’re a small addition but make a world of difference.