This New App Promises a Future For Your Unwanted Amazon Buys

published Jan 28, 2021
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What happens when you buy an item off Amazon and no longer find a use for it? Maybe it gets gifted to a friend, or perhaps offloaded to a local Goodwill. But maybe you feel guilty for having bought it in the first place, and there it sits in the back of your closet, unused. A new concept app from design engineer Scott Amron offers a solution to unwanted Amazon buys: It’s a platform called “Amazon After,” which allows you to sell, trade, or rent out your unused purchases.

The app, still currently in its concept phase, would link to an Amazon user’s existing Amazon account in order to keep tabs on what is bought from the online retailer. When the Amazon After app is opened, the user will see a record of how much their Amazon purchases are worth as well as options for selling, pawning, renting, storing, and/or repairing items bought off Amazon.

Amazon After shows you what you own, what it’s worth and matches your items with real opportunities,” Amron writes in the description of the above YouTube video. “It can sell, donate, lend, rent-out, trade-in, pawn, repair, store, part out, and recycle items you bought on Amazon.  It helps keep your things in use and out of landfills.”

Eventually, Amron would like the Amazon After app to also work in tandem with Amazon’s Alexa so that users could simply say, for example, “Alexa, sell my guitar,” and the item would be sold without any hassle. “Gone is the headache of figuring out what to do with the old, so long as you bought it on Amazon,” Amron writes.

The app would also allow users to make offers to potential buyers looking for an out-of-stock item that the user possess. Amron continues, “[Amazon After] is the first program to facilitate item-specific waste management and brings eco-warrior best practices to mainstream commerce.”

The app is still in the concept and development phase, but those interested in Amazon After can sign up for future beta testing over on Amron’s website.