This Super-Powerful Vacuum Has Amazon Shoppers Realizing Their Homes Are Much Dirtier Than They Thought

published Aug 2, 2021
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Credit: Amazon

As the old adage goes: In this world nothing is certain, except for death, taxes, and household dust. Okay, so Benjamin Franklin didn’t *actually* mention the dust. But that’s probably just because he didn’t have a quality vacuum cleaner to deal with it! Jokes aside, finding a good, powerful vacuum can be tricky — but we think the Bissell Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner might just live up to the hype. It’s an Amazon customer favorite with over 16,000 5-star ratings, and it performs like a high-end, ultra-expensive vacuum (more on that in a minute). Even better? You can snag it for just $89.99 — and a Prime membership gets you free shipping, too!

So what makes the Cleanview so incredible? As exuberant reviewers will tell you, it has amazing suction power. One reviewer noted that it actually sucked up a pair of socks — not to worry; they were retrieved when they became visible in the plastic canister. And that canister can hold a lot of dust and debris (and socks) — up to 1 liter, to be exact. When it’s time to empty it, the clear canister dislodges with a one-button push and can be dumped into the trash.

Warning: You may be equally horrified and entranced by how much dirt and dust was lurking in your home. Check out the reviews for some shock-and-awe customer photos of the debris the Bissell caught. As one reviewer said, “The amount of grossness picked up after one minute was outstanding.” Another reviewer, who mops their house weekly and sweeps regularly, noted that the first pass with their Cleanview produced “TWO full containers of not only pet hair, but fine dirt/sand/dead skin cells.” Yikes. And wow! 

The filter is washable too, which keeps the vacuum in good working condition, and cuts down on waste: There’s no need for expensive replacement filters.

The Cleanview works great as a standup vacuum — it’s easy to maneuver — and also comes with a full set of attachments, including a crevice nozzle and attachment wand, so you can clean all of the things. (Reviewers note frequently that it’s a star at picking up pet hair.) While vacuuming may not be your favorite household chore, this surprisingly excellent purchase just might make it a little more enjoyable. As one customer put it, “Never thought I could be so excited about a vacuum.”

Buy: Bissell Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, $89.99