This $13 Amazon Steal Will Make You Ditch Your Butter Knife — and It Has More Than 2,000 Five-Star Amazon Reviews

published Nov 10, 2021
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Stick of butter, one opened
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Warm, buttered toast is one of life’s great pleasures. Yet, for having just two simple ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy to mess up. If you’ve ever tried spreading cold butter on toast, pancakes, waffles, or a muffin, you’ve probably been left with a cascade of crumbs and inconsistent chunks of butter. Luckily, if you’re not a fan of leaving butter out at room temperature (or zapping it in the microwave), there’s a little tool that can make cold, hard butter soft and spreadable with a single swipe. This multi-functional stainless steel butter spreader has an edge that’s lined with small holes that create tiny curls of butter that soften immediately. So you can take your butter straight from the fridge without fear of tearing a hole in your favorite toasted treats again.

More than 2,000 people have left five-star reviews for the spreader on Amazon, with fans calling it a “life changer” and “genius.” The spreader takes up minimal space in a drawer, is dishwasher safe, and can save time and frustration on busy mornings or any time you want a buttery fix. “Now I don’t have to remember to take the butter out of the fridge 20 minutes before I need it,” shared one happy customer. “So glad I bought this.” 

While the spreader’s main use is for buttering toasted goods, shoppers note how helpful it is for buttering corn on the cob and baked potatoes. The 3-in-1 design features the perforated edge, as well as a serrated edge that’s handy for slicing items after they’ve been buttered. A single hole at the tip of the spreader can be used to create wide curls so you can top steamed veggies or warm dinner rolls. The flat design of the spreader is super versatile; you can use it to scoop and spread non-dairy butters, cream cheese, nut butters, jams, and other spreads. 

“As a family who loves buttered bread, toast, bagels etc. this knife is a MUST! Makes spreading butter super easy,” noted one reviewer. Another added, “I bought it for my wife who uses refrigerated cinnamon honey butter for her bagels. Much easier and more effective than the traditional butter knife.”

Some reviewers mentioned that there’s a technique to getting perfect curls. First, the spreader is intended for use on sticks of butter, not varieties that come in a container. (You’ll want to keep a dedicated stick in your fridge so you can wrap it up after each use.) Then, make sure you’re holding the spreader at the right angle. “I discovered it’s such a small angle, the knife is nearly flat on the stick of hard butter,” mentions a fan. A few other reviews call out that it’s helpful to run the spreader under warm water first, but most customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with how easy it makes buttering bread and other items.

With the holidays approaching, the spreader’s wallet-friendly price tag makes it a good item for a gift grab or stocking stuffer. One reviewer who bought it for his dad as a gag admitted, “I thought this would be a funny gift, but it actually works great and he loves it!”