This Color-Changing Faucet Is Actually a Smart Upgrade

published Mar 13, 2022
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A TikTok trend making the rounds asks “What items in your home just make sense?” TikTok user @KatiePena answered that she has a color-changing faucet that lets her family know when the water is hot versus when it’s cold — a game changer for houses with small kids.

She further explained in a followup video that the LED light flashes blue when the water is cold, green when it’s lukewarm, and red when the water is super hot. 

Though @KatiePena has a bunch of things in her home that “just make sense,” including a glass rinser installed at her kitchen sink, a built-in child seat in her standard toilet seat, and a paper towel holder hung under her upper cabinets to free up counter space, fellow TikTok users fell hard for the flashing light faucet — and then fell even harder when @KatiePena told them it is available on Amazon.

The one featured in the viral TikTok video is the OWOFAN kitchen faucet, which comes in a variety of finishes. When the temperature of the water goes over 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the red light will blink, indicating it’s not safe for hands.

But there are also a few faucet lights available on Amazon that can be installed in existing fixtures. This one from Dogxiong gives the same effect as the OWOFAN faucet, but can be installed in almost every existing sink for under $10.

These color-changing faucets are an awesome installation to keep hands — both little and big — safe from scalding hot water. And it just looks really cool, too.