This $18 Ice Cube Tray on Amazon Releases Ice with a Single Touch

published Aug 7, 2023
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Ice tray on kitchen countertop.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

It’s not cool when ice refuses to pop out of the tray, no matter how much you twist and hit it. But thankfully, according to TikTok, there’s a more chill way to go about it.

In July, TikTok user @mackenziejung shared a uniquely-designed ice tray that’s perfect for people who have trouble removing the cubes. In her video, Jung says that she doesn’t have an ice maker at home, and so, is forced to use regular trays to her frustration.

Her solution? She found a product called the Doonly ice cube tray, and it features a button that releases the cubes from the mold with no effort at all. The ice then falls into a container, which Jung says, is better than the Ziploc bag that she used to use.

“It’s super convenient, easy, and affordable,” she said.

Not everyone agreed though. Many poked fun at Jung’s statement about ice trays being complicated to use. “Never in my life have I had a problem with an ice tray,” someone said. Another added: “It’s not hard. It’s operator error.”

Others suggested just buying a bag of ice and putting it in the freezer. “I go through the Sonic drive-thru once a week just for ice.”

While the thought of buying a different tray seems like a waste of money, it does serve its purpose for those who are differently-abled or have arthritis.  

“This could also be useful for people who struggle with any condition that affects their fine motor skills!” a commenter replied, while another comment reads: “Honestly this is good for older people, my grandmother has trouble getting ice out the trays.”