The $13 Amazon Find That Will Magically Clean All the Stubborn Gunk Out of Your Purse

published Sep 30, 2022
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Purple purse, light purple wallet, keys on a dining room table

If you really think about how dirty purses, backpacks, and bags of all kinds get, it’s quite sickening. They look so cute on the outside, but on the inside? You don’t want to know. Amid the discarded gum wrappers, food crumbs, and other random garbage, it’s a miracle you manage to fish your keys out every day. While there are tools for cleaning your floors, products to get all the grease off your dishes, and even organizers for your electrical cables, there aren’t as many solutions for keeping the bottom of your tote free of debris — or so you might’ve thought. As you know, here at AT we like to share our top cleaning solutions for every spot, even the most random areas you hadn’t thought to tidy up. This next find is cool because it doesn’t actually require you to do any work. Just plop it in your favorite satchel, and collect it at the end of the week.

I’m talking, of course, about The Clean Ball. The name sounds so official, and that’s because this product is not to be underestimated when it comes to picking up even the most minuscule particles off the floor of your beloved baguette. You can purchase one for just $13, or get a set of three for $10 each. The ball’s functionality is pretty straightforward. Just stick it in your bag, leave it there for a couple days or so, and remove it. Once you’ve rinsed out all the bad stuff with water, reassemble the ball, and it’s ready to use again! Nearly 2,000 five-star Amazon ratings testify that this product does exactly what it claims. “My purse sheds strings… and this snags the sheds perfectly,” one reviewer wrote. “Grabs all the normal ‘purse glitter’ too!” If the prospect of putting one more thing in your purse irks you, don’t worry. The Clean Ball is no larger than a gum ball, so there’s a good chance you’ll forget it’s even in there.

Considering that you lug it everywhere and might have to set it on the ground between classes or errands, you don’t have much control over how stained the exterior of your bag gets — but now you can keep the interior spotless. Some customers love this product so much, they’ve bought multiple for all their bags, car trunks, and kids’ backpacks. Whatever works, we say! Clearly, The Clean Ball does.

Buy: The Clean Ball, $12.99 (normally $13.99)