The Smart Amazon Find That Lets You Track Your Home’s Air Quality Straight from Your Phone

published Sep 7, 2022
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If you’ve ever wondered if the air in your home is clean enough, you aren’t alone. Clean air indoors is practically an invisible concern unless it directly affects the quality of life in your household. However, it’s important to be aware of the state of your indoor air to ensure it’s as clear as possible, and that goes beyond dusting. If you’ve ever used an air purifier, you know they work harder whenever you light a candle or incense, cook, or clean with heavy chemicals. Many purifiers have built-in air quality sensors that let you know how clean your air is, and many don’t. The air purifier I primarily use not only tells me the indoor air quality, but also the outdoor air quality in my city. But don’t worry: Just because a purifier doesn’t come with its own sensor doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods of staying on top of the air quality in your home.

One product that’s sure to help you stay aware of what’s in your air is Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor, an Alexa-enabled device that’s small enough to be discreet and highly effective.

The Amazon Air Quality Monitor is a smart device that’s so user-friendly that you don’t have to be an air expert to use it. Through your phone, it tracks five major factors that affect your indoor air quality: temperature, particulate matter (allergens and irritants), humidity, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (chemicals). Additionally, the LED light on the device is color-coded to match the readout on the app so you know right away if your air quality has been compromised. “At first, I just felt it sat there smugly glowing and doing nothing, but recent construction at the house proved me wrong,” said an Amazon shopper. “The device does a good job of tracking air quality, and the dashboard is nice if you have partners or children who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies.”

Though the Smart Air Quality Monitor is not equipped with its own separate app, you can use it with the Amazon Alexa app for clear updates on the air quality in your home. It’s super convenient if you already have Alexa-enabled devices, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and fans. “This device works just like I thought it should. It continuously works with Alexa to monitor the air,” said another shopper. “You can also have Alexa trigger a routine based on the AQI and have her alert you via Alexa devices. She can even turn on your air purifier if you want. Excellent and affordable for those looking to get serious about their indoor air quality and to take their smart home to the next level.” One thing to note is that the monitor does not double as an alarm so while it can measure levels of carbon monoxide, it doesn’t have a speaker to send out an audible alert. However, you can receive text notifications, and if you have an Echo at home, you can set it to make announcements on behalf of the monitor.

Based on reviews, this useful device is helping more and more people get their homes as clean as possible, down to the dirt that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Many reported that it inspired them to put away items they didn’t think twice about before, such as old paint cans and cleaning supplies. Some even boldly mentioned that this monitor works better than the ones built into their air purifiers! “I was really shocked by how well this device picks up on the change in air quality. I have a few different air purifiers, including Shark and Levoit, and the Alexa Smart Air Quality Monitor detected the change a full five minutes before the purifiers,” said one of the surprised customers. “Great product I highly recommend, especially if you are concerned about air quality in your home.”