The $26 Amazon Find That Makes Cleaning Pet Hair and Under Furniture a Breeze

published Apr 27, 2022
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When my boyfriend first introduced me to his 65-lb. sweetheart of a dog, he explained that she sheds twice a year… for six months each time. It took me a second to realize what he was saying: The struggle is real 24/7/365. This is my first experience with a dog who sheds, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that her hair gets everywhere. From the bed to the couch, rugs to wood floors, under furniture — nowhere is immune. And that’s where the Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller comes in. I first spotted this innovative tool propped up in the corner of my boyfriend’s bedroom, and when I asked him about it, he was eager to show me why it’s such a game changer for cleaning an apartment that’s home to a shedding dog.

The concept of this cleaning must-have is basically the same as a lint roller you’d use on clothes, just on a much bigger scale. It has a long handle like a broom or a mop, but with a 10″ lint roller at the end. Simply run the tool over any surface, and all of the dust, debris, and, yes, PET HAIR adheres to the sticky sheets, just like when you remove lint from a sweater. Genius!

I was excited to give the Smart Design roller a go for myself, and my first target? Under the dresser. I rolled it right underneath, and when I pulled it out, it was covered in lint, dog hair, dust, and whatever else finds its way under there. Not to mention, I have never, ever had such an easy experience cleaning under furniture! I peeled off the dirty sticky sheet, tossed it in the trash, and next turned my attention to the WFH corner of the bedroom. In one motion, a 10″ wide portion of the rug was clear of all of the little bits of paper from notebooks and crumbs from working lunches. Again, I peeled off the dirty sticky sheet and continued to make my way around the room. As the garbage pail filled with dirty roller sheets, I had two thoughts. On the one hand, gross; on the other, So. Incredibly. Satisfying.

Credit: Amazon

A quick heads up: Just like with traditional lint rollers (in my experience), it can be tricky to remove the used sheets. Once you find the start of the sheet, though, it peels right off, revealing a new, clean, perfectly sticky surface. And little did I know that the roller had an extra surprise in store! The 42″ handle breaks down into three pieces, so you can configure it into two shorter handheld rollers that are perfect for clearing dog hair from the comforter, the couch, and other places that you are easier to reach than the floor. It’s like having three specialized tools all in one neat package.

Bottom line, I am a huge fan of this cleaning wonder. If you live with a shedding dog (or a messy teenager — yeah, we’ve got one of those, too), I cannot recommend it highly enough. When you buy the Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller, you’ll receive an included 50-sheet roll of sticky sheets, and new rolls are readily available online. In fact, refills are on sale right now for just $10 each — a 20 percent discount — so I suggest you stock up! I know I am.

Buy: Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller, $25.99