This $12 Find Is Like a Magic Eraser for Scuffed Shoes and Sneakers

published Apr 15, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

Living in a big city, it doesn’t take much to make my beloved white sneakers look like they’ve been through years of use — even if I’ve only worn them (very delicately) a handful of times. Naturally, I’ve tried every shoe-cleaning hack in the book, but I’ve never quite found anything that worked well without being totally time consuming. So far, the best option for bringing my kicks back to life has been the crowd-favorite Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which — don’t get me wrong — is my go-to for literally everything, but I’ve always wished it came in different shapes and sizes that worked better along the curves of shoes. And what do you know — I recently found out that this dreamy cleaning product actually exists!

While scrolling through social media, I discovered the exact sneaker-cleaning product I’ve been wanting for years. Let me introduce you to the game-changing SneakERASERS™ Instant Sole and Sneaker Cleaner. It’s pretty similar to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but thanks to the round shape, it’s specifically tailored to shoe cleaning.

These sneaker-specific pads work the same way the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do. The white side features powerful micro-scrubbers that help lift up dirt, while the yellow side brushes away particles (the sponge naturally disintegrates as you use it). To activate its special cleaning powers, simply get the white scrubber part damp, rub it along the sole of your sneaker, and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. Make sure not to rub or press down too hard, though — just a little bit of light elbow grease goes a long way with these pads. Dirt and scuffs will actually come off easier the gentler you are with your strokes. When the eraser gets dry, wet it again and repeat until your shoes look like new.

While this handy cleaning tool is technically made for sneakers, I can see myself using it for other little projects in my apartment, too, like removing scuffs on the wall or on my baseboards, so I love that they come in a large pack of 10. They’re even reusable, so I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. The possibilities are truly endless with these little helpers, which makes them an absolute must-have in my cleaning kit.