The $20 Item That Keeps My Phone Charged While Giving Me a Better Night’s Sleep

updated Jan 6, 2020
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Credit: Lumina/Stocksy

I’m told time and time again how bad it is to sleep with my phone. Plenty of information out there says it can compromise sleep, create anxiety, and get in the way of private time with loved ones. And despite all the cons, it’s hard to convince myself that no, I won’t get up to plug my phone in elsewhere once I’m in bed… because I fall asleep. And before I know it, I wake up with my phone nuzzling my neck (not comfortably, might I add). That scenario played out nonstop—until this charger came into my life. 

When I upgraded my phone last year, a wireless charging pad came with the deal, and I thought nothing of it. It sat in its box until I moved to a new apartment six months later, and as I unpacked it with the rest of my belongings, I figured I would give it a shot. And worst case scenario, if I missed the idea of a plug near my nightstand (which, why would I?), I could always swap it back. 

I have yet to go back to my old ways—at least not at night. I quickly fell in love with the idea that I could plop into bed and simply place my phone on the surface next to me, which will then juice up the battery. Minimal effort, maximal results.

The charger’s convenience was the first thing that drew me in, but over time I realized that it helped me fall asleep with my phone less and less. And as I got used to having more pillow room, I started to realize how bad it was to fall asleep with it in the first place. I noticed I could snooze off faster, spent more time with my S.O. (and maybe convinced him to use his phone less in bed), and my device wasn’t the first thing I thought about (or felt) when I woke up. 

I know that the best case scenario would be to leave it out of the room entirely, but going from having it every night to fully separating myself is a big leap. And while my phone is technically still near me, it’s a good first step to leaving it out of sight completely. And that thought helps me sleep a little easier, too.