This Easy-to-Install Bathroom Find Instantly Makes My Shower Feel Twice as Big

published May 13, 2022
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One of my greatest joys in life is an amazing shower. I absolutely love stepping into a steamy shower equipped with high water pressure, thoughtful design, and my favorite bath products. On the flip side, a meh shower is a huge pet peeve. If the pressure isn’t powerful enough to thoroughly wash the shampoo out of my hair or the water only heats up to lukewarm, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. But the biggest shower drawback that I can’t stand and makes my skin crawl? When the wet shower curtain touches my arm… or side… or leg. Blech!

Such was the case in my apartment for the first four years that I lived here. My shower is quite roomy lengthwise, but widthwise, not so much. When I reached up to grab the conditioner or leaned over to shave my legs (or just stood too much to one side), the damp, cold shower curtain would brush my skin and send that dreaded shiver down my spine —the same way that some people react to nails on a chalkboard. Finally, I decided to spring for a curved shower rod to give me a little bit more elbow room. Little did I know that adding just a few extra inches of space would make my shower feel twice as big. If your shower could also use a little bit more elbow room, I cannot recommend the Zenna Home NeverRust Curved Shower Rod enough.

Do an Amazon search for “curved shower rod,” and you’ll get pages and pages of results ranging from $6 hacks to $250 ceiling-supported contraptions. I wanted something that was easy to install (aka no drilling) and affordable that would still look chic in my bathroom. After carefully comparing specs, prices, and ratings, I decided to purchase this beauty from Zenna Home. It checked all of my boxes and had super-positive Amazon feedback — as in nearly 10,000 five-star ratings.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a purchase on Amazon,” commented one reviewer. “I purchased two of these rods, one in oil rubbed bronze and one brushed nickel. Both are extremely well made and have beautiful finishes.” I actually wound up going with the third option (chrome), and I can attest that it’s just as impressive. But the review that really convinced me to add the Zenna Home shower rod to my cart was from a buyer who actually went this route instead of installing shower doors. “Once installed, these were just very impressive. They are very stable. I can throw my wet towel over the top without the least movement. They also make the shower feel much larger than before. I have the impression of a big walk-in shower. I know shower doors would not have had the same effect, not to mention these cost a fraction of the price of doors.”

Made from lightweight, rustproof aluminum, the Zenna Home NeverRust Curved Shower Rod can accommodate showers ranging from 50″ to 72″ long. Because it’s a tension rod, you don’t need any tools to install it; simply follow the instructions to twist and lock it into place. The one caveat: You need two people to install it, and it really helps if at least one of you is tall. I’m about 5’5″ and tried putting it up on my tiptoes with my hands stretched high over my head, but twisting it into place was difficult and made my shoulders ache. When I called in a 6’1″ friend for reinforcements, it was much, much easier. From start to finish, the process took about 10 minutes, and when it was done, I felt like I had a completely new shower! The rod only adds about 7″ of width, but it truly makes the space feel twice as large; I can finally move around freely instead of trying to avoid the curtain.

In mere minutes and for less than $50, the Zenna Home NeverRust Curved Shower Rod helped create the luxurious shower I’d been missing all these years. If you’re ready to give yourself the experience you deserve, too, add this shower rod to your cart ASAP.