I Bought This Stylish Anthropologie Sectional Sight Unseen, and It’s My Favorite Small-Space-Friendly Piece

published Jan 25, 2024
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Credit: Anthropologie

In 2019, I moved into my very first solo apartment in New York City — and it was laughably tiny. And oven-less, believe it or not. Think glorified college dorm room, but with sky-high rent. Nonetheless, I loved it. It was the first place I could call all my own, so I went all in on decorating (well, as much as I could in such a compact space). One specific Pinterest image inspired my overall color scheme, and I fell in love with the idea of a light blue couch. I even found the perfect sectional from Anthropologie, but there was absolutely no way it would fit, so I settled for a similar two-seater.

Fast forward to fall 2020, when I lucked out with a new apartment triple the size for just a slight rent uptick. I immediately revisited my dream sofa and even discovered that Anthropologie released a smaller, more affordable version in the ideal dimensions for my living room — although the pretty piece definitely still cost a pretty penny. So I budgeted accordingly, waited until the brand’s Black Friday sale, and (ta-da!) finally ordered the petite Edlyn sectional. Even sight unseen, my first major furniture splurge surpassed all my expectations, and it ended up being a surprisingly deep and comfy (yet still small-space-friendly!) living room staple.

Quick Overview

A Quick Look at the Petite Edlyn Sectional

  • Customizable orientation, colors, fabric type, and leg finish
  • Super deep, single-cushion chaise and sofa
  • Includes five pillows
  • Easy installation and delivery
  • Low-profile silhouette with raised legs
  • Also available in a longer 124-inch width

Design Features That Stand Out

First off, I love the look of this sectional. I ordered the piece-dyed weave fabric in Palladian Blue (which has sadly sold out), and it satisfied all my light-blue living room dreams. Certain lighting even gives it a grayish hue, so it’s basically like a neutral. The modern-leaning design makes my living room seem super chic, and I chose brass legs to match some of my other home decor accents. I’m also well aware that it’s an investment piece, but the quality alone has been worth every penny: it looks brand new almost four years later, and the material and color have been crucially stain-forgiving.

How It Performed

Confession: I’m notoriously bad at visualizing furniture in my space before I order. I obviously measure, but I’ve never been one to tape out the floor space or anything like that (don’t come for me, ok!?). I knew this sofa would fit perfectly width-wise in my living room, but I didn’t expect how lounge-worthy and deceptively spacious it would be altogether. It’s deep — 40 inches, to be exact. I also stressed over how it would arrive and whether the pieces would pass through my apartment door frame, and I’m pleased to report the delivery went off without a hitch. I just had to screw on the legs and put on the pillows.

Speaking of, because the petite Edlyn sectional has single pillows topping both the chaise and sofa pieces, I can cram plenty of people on it without anyone sinking between cushions. I even (very comfortably) slept on it one weekend with zero complaints after I painted my bedroom, and friends have been prone to doze off on it during movies a time or two (yes, it’s fully nap- and visitor-approved).

Credit: Blair Donovan

What We Loved

  • Deep, stylish cushions: Beyond just the giant seat cushions, this sofa also comes with five matching pillows — three for the backing and two smaller throws that you can arrange however (and honestly wherever) you want.
  • Made-to-order style: You can buy a few ready-to-ship options in left or right orientations, or fully customize the piece with your choice of color, fabric, and leg finish (brass, brushed metal, cast iron, or rose gold). Bring home anything from navy velvet to ivory boucle — just know that prices vary, starting at $3,298.
  • Raised design: Unlike a lot of modern modular sofas that go all the way to the floor, this style has seven inches of space beneath the legs. This frees up a mini storage spot for small bins or baskets, plus accessible cleaning clearance for a Swiffer or vacuum.
  • Sizing options: I have the petite version of the original Edlyn sectional, which is slightly bigger at 124 inches wide if you want something larger and have the space.

Good to Know

I didn’t realize this until reading reviews after the couch arrived, but the chaise and sofa portions actually don’t connect. I thought this was just a design flaw with my specific sectional, but other shoppers noted the same situation. Luckily, though, the pieces styled side-by-side are so bulky that, unless you’re having a couch dance party or jumping up and down, they’ll stay put (having a rug underneath helps, too!).

Note that there’s also a White Glove delivery fee, starting at $145, and a 25% restocking fee if you decide to return this, so budget and plan accordingly.

Should You Buy the Anthropologie Petite Edlyn Sectional?

If you want a petite-yet-deep sectional, you can’t go wrong with this one, but I especially recommend if you’re looking for something that’s:

  • Customizable
  • Large enough for hosting and overnight guests
  • Still small-space-friendly
  • Simple yet aesthetically-pleasing

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