These TikTok-Famous “Wearable” Pillows Are the Latest Cozy Trend

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Credit: Erin Derby

I found myself on the cozy side of TikTok almost immediately after I made my account. From self-care items to comforting home decor, the app’s algorithm has shown me countless ways to relax and unwind, and I’m not mad about it. 

One of the cutest products I’ve seen on TikTok so far comes from AquaCuddles, a company that makes wearable animal pillows and blankets. That’s right — as seen in the video below, the brand sells stuffed plushies shaped like turtle shells (aka the Wearable Turtle Plush ) designed for both kids and adults to put on and cozy up with. It’s literally like being inside a giant (and adorable) pillow.

Thanks to the Aqua Cuddles’ comfy wearable shape, TikTok users have compared the product to a weighted blanket or ThunderShirt for dogs, potentially helping to reduce anxiety. One commenter even mentioned that it has relieved back pain, too. These don’t have to be exclusively worn, either — you can hug the Turtle Plush like a normal body pillow, or even use it as a floor cushion or bed accessory. 

Starting at $19.99 from Amazon, the Wearable Turtle Plush comes in three colors and four sizes, from 23.6 inches to 51.1 inches, depending on your height (although the more oversized, the cozier the fit). AquaCuddles also sells wearable blankets, which they call the Cuddle Ducky and Cuddly Whale Blanket. Regardless of your animal of choice, these all double as a fun way to get cozy and stay warm in a quirky, playful style. 

Buy: AquaCuddles Turtle Pillow, $19.99 to $66.99