The Game-Changing Amazon Find That AT Readers Couldn’t Stop Buying in 2022

published Dec 22, 2022
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Over the course of the year, there have been a number of items that AT readers have loved as much as the editors including this sleek handheld vacuum cleaner, this ingenious solution for saggy couches, and this gluten-free pasta that’s actually good. It’s always a huge WIN when you find a product that lives up to the hype and few proved it more this year than the MayNest Washable Refrigerator Liners. This nifty find has 8,600 (and counting) five-star ratings on Amazon, and is one of the retailer’s choice picks in the Shelf Liner department. Refrigerators can get messy, sometimes faster than you think, so why not cut cleaning time in half by making sure the mess doesn’t touch the appliance at all? The affordability and convenience of these liners made them one of the most popular cleaning hacks of 2022, easily falling into the category of “Work smarter, not harder.”

“Think of these food-grade, BPA-free plastic liners as smartphone screen protectors, but for your fridge,” said contributor Amy Gordon about the MayNest Washable Refrigerator Liners. It’s truly the best way to describe it. The liners come in packs of eight, in single hues or a colorful multi-pack, and are the first defense against spills and stains that can make your refrigerator nasty if they aren’t cleaned up right away. All of the liners are 17” x 11”, so you can trim them to fit the space you’d like to place them, whether it’s one large sheet to cover the entire shelf or smaller squares — or any other shape — to accommodate a tighter surface area. “I’m using them in the fridge and they are great!” said one Amazon review. “They stay in place, are easy to clean, and help keep the shelves clean. I’m even using one under my dish drying rack.”

That’s right! In addition to keeping your fridge clean, the MayNest liners are delightfully multipurpose, which means you can use them in drawers, cabinets, freezers, and more. Some shoppers have even gotten them to cover wire shelving, eliminating gaps so that items can be stored without you worrying about them falling through the cracks. They can also be used as placemats for messy eaters, and that includes mats for pet bowls. With so many possibilities, it’s only natural that these liners will get dirty over time, but you’re in luck: As noted earlier, they’re washable! To clean them off, simply rinse and wipe with a cloth to clear the crumbs away before putting them out again. The colors and cleanliness (and have I mentioned convenience?) of these handy shelf liners earned them major points with shoppers, editors, and readers alike.

“These mats are very easy to use and look great in the fridge,” said an Amazon shopper that tried them in every shade. “I wish I would have gotten them ages ago!”