The $44 Amazon Hack That Makes Saggy Couches Look As Good As New (and Comfortable Again)

published Nov 3, 2022
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Here at AT, we strongly believe that a good sofa is one of the best investments you can make. You need to be sure it’s comfortable and that it fits your lifestyle and aesthetic, which can be difficult. That’s why we regularly share tips on where to look and bring you our top picks from both mainstream and under-the-radar retailers. But even the highest quality couches eventually show their age, regardless of whether you get a sectional or a sleeper. I mean, we all fall susceptible to the power at gravity at some point. If you find that your settee is looking droopy and doesn’t feel as comfortable as when you first got it, there are measures you can take. Unfortunately, fluffing the cushions from time to time isn’t going to cut it. Instead, we’ve found a product on Amazon that gives your living room seating more support and costs way less than a new sofa.

Okay, I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. The product in question is this HomeProtect couch support board, which is currently marked down nearly 30 percent. It’s so easy to install; all you have to do is remove your couch cushions, put the board down over the base, and place the cushions back on top. Suddenly, the star of your living room looks years younger. Nearly 900 five-star Amazon raters agree that this inexpensive purchase made a noticeable difference. “Now I feel like I’m not sinking into a hole,” one reviewer described. “Also, I thought I’d need to buy some new cushions because they seemed smooshed down, but with this support underneath, I won’t have to spend that extra money. Literally, I think I’ll get another two years out of this couch because I bought this support.” Whether your own sofa is sagging all across or in just one spot, this buy will make the entire bench look fully level.

Not only does the couch support improve your sitting experience visually, it also adds an extra thick layer to help prevent back problems. You’ll be able to sit for a long time and truly relax without feeling like you might as well be on the floor. The support is 20″ wide and 67″ long, so it’ll fit most standard-sized couches. And no matter how much you shift and turn, it won’t tear or become worn down. Even if your beloved couch is on its last leg, you’ll at least be able to extend its life until you feel better about looking into a replacement. Soon, you’ll wish you had one of these support boards for every seat in the house.

Buy: HomeProtect Couch Support, $43.94 (normally $61.92)