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If You Love to Hate Goop, We Found Your Next Book
If you love to hate goop, then we’ve got a perfect summer read for you: Gabrielle Moss’ “Glop,” a hilarious, satirical take on Paltrow’s wellness dynasty.Moss, who’s also an editor at Bustle, said the idea for the book was born in 2015, after Paltrow posted on goop about vaginal steaming. “I decided I would also steam my vagina and report it to see how closely my experience mirrored Gwyneth’s,” she says.
May 12, 2019
There's One Country Where It's Illegal to Name Your Child "IKEA"
But here are a few other IKEA-inspired baby names you could use instead (some assembly required).
May 6, 2019
Do You Really Need Both Dish Soap and Hand Soap in the Kitchen?
In the age of trendy multitaskers like concentrated cleaners, staying eco-friendly and saving money are, understandably, top priorities. If you can have one product that does a lot of things well, why spend your whole paycheck only to waste plastic and take up hard-fought storage space? Which begs the question: Do we really need both dish soap and hand soap in the kitchen if just one could do the trick?
Apr 17, 2019
11 Unexpected Things You Can Clean With Soda
Traditional cleaning solutions are great, but your pantry is full of everyday items you can put to work when you clean. You already know about keeping blackboard chalk around for treating stains and using cream of tartar to clean your brick fireplace facade. So what’s the deal with using cola to clean? Before you whip out your 12-pack of Diet Coke and go to town on your kitchen, keep in mind that certain sodas work better cleaning specific surfaces.
Apr 11, 2019
2 Simple Habits to Help You Avoid Some Way-Too-Familiar Email Mistakes
While email is a quick and convenient alternative to other forms of communication (especially if you dread phone calls), digital conversations come with their own unique inconveniences. If you’ve ever sent an email before you’re done writing it, replied all when you meant to reply to just one person, or copied your entire office on a juicy, personal email, you know exactly what we mean.
Mar 26, 2019
Your Phone Needs Spring Cleaning, Too—Here Are 5 Things That Could be Slowing You Down
We have a step-by-step guide to get you started on a cleaner, smarter device.
Mar 24, 2019
It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Inbox—Here Are 9 Proven Ways to Do It
There’s always that friend. You know, the one with 76 unheard voicemails, 150 unread texts, and—gulp—15,964 unread emails in her inbox. (Or maybe that “friend” is you.) Either way, keeping your inbox uncluttered or even reaching Inbox Zero can feel like impossible feats of #adulting. But digitally cleaning house doesn’t have to be your least favorite chore.
Mar 19, 2019
This Pinterest-Favorite Laundry Trend Could Be Dangerous, Warns American Cleaning Institute
Move over, Tide Pod challenge, there’s a new laundry-related caution in town—but this time, it has to do with storage. Displaying laundry packets in jars may look pretty, but according to the American Cleaning Institute, decanting the pods can be dangerous with small children or elderly people in the home. In time for both spring cleaning and National Poison Prevention Week (March 17-24, 2019), the ACI launched its sixth annual Packets Up!
Mar 18, 2019
One Smart Click and You’re Scamming Your Way to Lower Monthly Bills
In the age of smart home devices, setting your thermostat and dimming the lights have never been easier. But these purchases have more long-term payoff than convenience alone. A one-time buy like a smart thermostat or home security system may feel pricy upfront, but by potentially lowering other monthly payments, they could pay for themselves over time—and have you feeling like a genius.
Mar 13, 2019
7 Things You Shouldn’t Do with a Swiffer Sweeper
This small space-friendly floor tool has made itself indispensable for sweeping and mopping in tight quarters. But it's not great at everything.
Mar 10, 2019
Survey: Back-Sleepers Are More Likely to Wake Up Feeling Motivated
People can be opinionated about sleep positions, and we don’t blame them—plenty of evidence shows physical and mental health are directly linked to our quality of sleep. And according to one survey, some ways of sleeping may even more profoundly affect quality of sleep, mood, and even motivation levels in the workplace. A survey of 1,021 people from The Sleep Judge shows that those of us who sleep on our backs win the sleep lottery in more ways than one.
Mar 9, 2019
7 On-Trend Gifts (Plus 2 Forever Classics) You’ll See on 2019 Wedding Registries
One of the first opportunities for couples to plan and envision their shared life and home, registering for the wedding is arguably the best part of engagement. But in an ever-growing sea of registry options, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of the most on-trend wedding registry items of 2019, plus a few classics that will always be on top.
Mar 3, 2019
7 Unsafe, Ineffective Ways to Use Clorox Wipes
Read this before you go to town wiping down everything in your home.
Mar 2, 2019
What to Buy to Take Care of Your Instant Pot
They call it the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen for a reason: The ultra-functional, ultra-fast Instant Pot boasts seven functions, so you can saute your veggies, steam your rice, and pressure cook your protein in one, fell swoop. Sounds easy, right? For the most part, it is. While the Instant Pot is attractive in large part for its convenience, using it—and caring for it—comes with a bit of a learning curve.
Feb 28, 2019
4 Ways to Achieve an Anxiety-Friendly Home
Designing a cozy home isn’t just about on-point aesthetics. Have you ever thought about how your home actually makes you feel? Interior designers and therapists alike believe home design influences your well-being and emotions, and can even exacerbate your anxiety and stress levels. Whether you are facing clinical anxiety or situational stress, creating a peaceful living space is a great first step toward preventing—and managing—stressful emotions.
Feb 27, 2019
How Technology Is Changing the Way We Sleep
When it comes to sleep, there’s a reason technology gets a bad rap. Excessive screen time before bed can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin production—which means you might be better off delaying that late-night Insta-scroll until the daylight hours (or investing in a fancy pair of blue-light blockers). But there’s one tech trend that could have the opposite effect: Apps and products that use technology to help you sleep better.
Feb 26, 2019
6 Things You Should Never Do with Essential Oils at Home
Essential oils, which are essentially (see what we did there?) concentrated plant parts used for aromatherapy, are ultra-trendy for a reason. Not only do they smell good; essential oils can be used around the house to clean, soothe, and set the mood. Having a hard time sleeping at night? Studies show lavender might help. Tummy problems? Grab your peppermint oil. Looking for a non-toxic way to de-germ your countertops?
Feb 23, 2019
Your Doorknobs Might Already Be Sterilizing Themselves—Here’s the Secret
It's not magic, it's science.
Feb 20, 2019
5 Ways to Appreciate Your Home Right Now, Flaws and All
There’s no shortage of advice about how to improve your home. While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about your next house project, home-improvement FOMO doesn’t do anyone any favors. Enter the concept of Home Positivity: By focusing on the things that make your space uniquely home, you can cultivate contentment in it right now, without a trip to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.
Feb 19, 2019
8 Ways to Maximize Your After-Work Time
It starts with good intentions. How many of us have, in an effort to shake off the stress of the workday, ended up in a daze on the couch? Whether you spend your evenings bingeing on Netflix or mindlessly scrolling social media, the post-work lull can compromise productivity and, in the end, keep you from truly relaxing. So why not set your post-work self up for success? All it takes is a little intention.
Feb 18, 2019
Let’s Concentrate on 2019’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Trend
Spring cleaning is (almost) upon us! Whether you’re hoping to declutter your cabinets or make a switch to more eco-friendly cleaning products, liquid concentrates could be your new best friend. Versatile cleaners that can be diluted at home in reusable spray bottles, these multi-taskers boast a number of benefits. Instead of buying separate products for each household cleaning need, you can save time, space, energy and money by just using one, powerful concentrate.
Feb 17, 2019
Here’s What Every Love Language Is Like at Home
Everyone shows love differently. The Five Love Languages, developed by counselor and author Gary Chapman, sum up the most common ways we give and receive love. Chapman’s theory is that every person has a primary “language” for loving, which is how they naturally show their affection to the people closest to them. Curious how your roomie or partner’s love language comes out at home?
Feb 14, 2019
10 Authentically Scandinavian Things You Can Buy on Amazon
Whether you’re in it for the functional, minimalist design or you’re looking to add a little hygge to your home, Scandinavian design is calling. But if a trip to IKEA (or Sweden) isn’t in the cards for your next on-trend, Scandi-forward purchase, don’t worry: Amazon’s got you. Here are a few of the best authentically Scandinavian items on Amazon.
Feb 10, 2019
6 Tips for Buying Plants You Won’t Kill, According to This Author and Plant Store Pro
Shopping for plants (and learning how to care for them) can be overwhelming even for the most experienced plant parents.
Feb 4, 2019
10 Amazon Buys Under $10 to Support Your Active Lifestyle
When it comes to health and wellness, nothing matches the motivation that comes with fresh start of the new year. But new stuff comes pretty close. If January had you motivated to try a new workout class or integrate more exercise into your routine, the secret to keeping up those healthy habits in February might be treating yourself new workout gear.
Feb 1, 2019
This Fabric Care Scientist Debunks a Common Laundry Detergent Myth
It seems straightforward, but laundry comes comes with a learning curve.
Jan 27, 2019
6 Wellness Trends that Could Take Over 2019
With a new year comes new goals and fresh motivation to pursue all things health and wellness. Whether you’re trying a new home workout (cycling bikes, anyone?) or kissing that mid-day slump goodbye by focusing on a new form of nutrition, now is an opportune time to renew your focus on what it means to be and feel well. But with no shortage of (sometimes schticky and expensive) wellness trends inundating us from all angles, it can be difficult to determine what might be worth trying.
Jan 22, 2019
5 Small Steps to Get Over Your Money Anxiety, from the Author of “Bad With Money”
Podcaster and comedian Gaby Dunn never thought she’d write a book about money—let alone become a voice of financial literacy among millennials. For most of her adult life, Dunn didn’t understand her finances, mostly because she didn’t take the time to look at them. Weighed down by student loans and credit card debt, it was easier for her to leave mail unopened than face the grim reality inside the envelope.
Jan 19, 2019
6 New Year’s Resolutions Sure to Turn Your Black Thumb Green
Deciding you want to “be a better plant parent” is a great goal, but it’s kind of a dud of a New Year’s Resolution. The best resolutions are small, specific, measurable, and something you can write down and track. So if a green thumb is on your goals list for this year, try reframing your ambition into something more tangible. Here are a few simple-but-specific resolutions to set your black thumbs on the path to success (plus keep your fiddle-leaf fig alive and thriving).
Jan 8, 2019
7 Surefire Ways to Fail at Your New Year’s Resolution
Maybe you want to pay off debt or cushion your savings in 2019. Perhaps you want to get to that yoga class you’ve been meaning to go to, or try to cook healthier meals. No matter what your New Year’s resolution is, now’s the time to be proactive in planning: A whopping eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Want to make sure you stay disciplined and dedicated to the goals you’ve set for 2019?
Jan 6, 2019
The Science Behind Sleeping with Socks On
Like politics, finances, and religion, sock-sleeping is one of those topics you want to avoid at the dinner table, unless you're ready for a heated debate.
Jan 1, 2019
One Clutter-y Thing You Should Pack Away with Your Decorations
For those of us with limited kitchen space (or a penchant for minimalism), designer and blogger Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha has a genius tip: When it’s time to put away holiday decorations, pack your specialty cooking supplies with them. The premise: Why take up valuable real estate in your home with cookware and gadgets that only get used twice a year, at best?
Dec 30, 2018
5 Places Where You Can Sell Gift Cards (Online and In Person)
Have you ever received a gift card you know you’ll never use? Your gifter probably had the best intentions, but there’s no worse feeling than this unuseful, plastic currency gathering dust in your wallet (especially when it’s time to pay rent). Whether you need the actual cash more than the gift card or you just don’t shop at the store, don’t fret just yet: You have options. Need cash now? Your best bet might be an instant, in-person option.
Dec 28, 2018
7 Things You Should Declutter Before 2019 Starts
Decluttering in December? Before you minimize your screen, hear us out. We get it: This time of year is super busy, and spring cleaning isn’t for another few months. But what better time to clear the way for better (and safer) things than before the year ends? Set yourself up for success (and less mess) in 2019 by taking some time to declutter now. Want to start 2019 off right? Sign up now for the January Cure. (it’s free!
Dec 22, 2018
I Wore Blue Light Glasses Every Day for a Week and Here’s How I Felt at the End
As a freelance writer, I spend the better portion of my week staring at screens. Add in my post-dinner social media scroll ritual and my weekly Netflix binges, and I’m pretty much a walking blue-light zombie—which isn’t necessarily a major concern, in and of itself. During the day, the wavelengths emitted from computer, TV, and phone screens can actually boost attention, reaction times, and mood.
Dec 9, 2018
12 Things You Should Never Do With Your Christmas Tree
They may be pretty, but choosing and taking care of a Christmas tree takes more effort than you might think. Whether you go all out for a traditional Douglas Fir or opt for an artificial tree, planning ahead will make your holiday season far more festive—and, more importantly, safe. Time to deck the halls in your neck of the woods? Here are a few things not to forget as you purchase, set up, and care for your tree.
Dec 4, 2018
If You Ever Spill While Cooking, You Should Stash Some Chalk in Your Kitchen
You know how weightlifters and gymnasts use chalk powder to keep their sweaty hands dry? The same principle carries over with all kinds of grease (dry shampoo, anyone?). Next time you find yourself with an oil splatter or greasy stain on your favorite top, trade in your stain stick and try pre-treating with a little chalk instead. Like baby powder, chalk is ultra-absorbent, making it a must-have to keep on hand for bacon grease splatters and lipstick marks alike.
Nov 25, 2018
There’s A Psychological Reason You Want to ‘Nest’
My house has never looked better than it did in the third trimester of my pregnancy. My kitchen cabinets and bedroom closet were organized, my carpets and counters were clean, and my living spaces were decked out with the latest mid-century pieces from Target and CB2. As I deep-cleaned and primped my home prior to the baby’s arrival, I knew exactly what was happening: I was nesting. (And then the baby came, and all bets for a clean or well-designed home were off.
Nov 12, 2018
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Fabric Softener
Fabric softener can be beneficial—but here are a few ways NOT to use it.
Nov 7, 2018
One Simple Mental Trick to Cut Your Spending and Boost Your Savings at the Same Time
This mental trick is simple, but it could pack a big punch in your budget.
Nov 6, 2018
One Good Reason Not to Throw Out Those Mesh Produce Bags
Repurposing your household items doesn’t just reduce waste—it saves money, too. That’s the good news. The great news is: You don’t have to be super crafty to reap the benefits of creative reuse. If you think you’ve got the chops (read: literally five minutes) for a super quick, easy, and clever home project, we’ve got just the kitchen DIY for you.
Nov 4, 2018
6 Things You Should Never Do if You Have White Sheets
We all know there's nothing like a set of crisp, white sheets—and our guess is, you want to keep yours that way.
Oct 29, 2018
7 Secrets of People with Incredible Discipline
Have a goal (or a few of them) you want to meet? You probably already know that discipline is your friend. Whether you want to learn how to get things done more efficiently at the office or just muster up the motivation to check the first thing off your to-do list, you won’t accomplish much without the daily grind of hard work.
Oct 28, 2018
4 Smart Ways to Take Care of Your Home (and Yourself) This Fall
As much as we all love autumn, the transition from summer into the cooler, darker fall months can be a rocky one for many of us—from abrupt changes in routine and the sudden resurgence of cold and flu viruses to the gloomy feeling of darker, shorter days (FYI there’s light therapy for that). Struggling to take full advantage of those cozy, fall vibes? Start with how you take care of your home environment.
Oct 21, 2018
Don’t Fall for These 6 Common Castile Soap Cleaning Mistakes
Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's effective (or safe) to use on everything under the sun.
Oct 16, 2018
Is it Better (and Cleaner) to Shower at Night or in the Morning?
While my showering habits have shifted since having kids (read: I shower less), I’ve always been a morning shower-er, purely for practical reasons. My fine hair styles better when I don’t sleep on it, and the ritual of a morning shower jolts me awake and helps me mentally prepare for the day ahead. Plus, I tend to get hot at night, and I feel fresher when I rinse it all off in the A.M. But fans of night showers defend their habits for similarly practical reasons.
Oct 10, 2018
How to Hand-Wash Your Dishes Fast and Effectively
For everyone out there who is on Team Hand Wash (by choice or by force).
Sep 24, 2018
Rubbing Alcohol Is Great for Cleaning, But Here Are 6 Things You Should Never Do
Common first-aid supplies like rubbing alcohol can pack an extra punch against germs, but that doesn't mean they don't come with risks.
Sep 17, 2018