Brentnie Daggett

I Tried a 1920s Cleaning Routine for a Week — And it Was Nearly Impossible
I decided to try a week-long cleaning experiment and see if there were any hundred-year-old vintage housekeeping techniques that work for my modern household.
Jul 20, 2021
I Kept Up With a 1950’s Cleaning Schedule for a Week—and I’m Exhausted
I decided to try a week-long cleaning experiment, to see if I could unlock Grandma’s secret to a clean home and how it would fit into my modern lifestyle.
Jun 10, 2019
I Tried Furniture-Free Living for a Week to See if I Felt Healthier
Minimalism is all the rage in decor. From Marie Kondo to the airy white images floating around Instagram, it’s hard to escape the burgeoning love for simple living. I used to joke with colleagues that soon, the new minimalist trend would be to toss out your furniture. Well friends, it’s finally happened. The furniture-free movement is the newest home decorating trend—and it’s all in the name of optimal health and minimalist living.
Sep 9, 2018