Brooke Bunce

9 Marble Finds for Every Room of the House
We get it: Marble isn’t the most revolutionary when it comes to home decor—it’s pretty much decorating 101 in the age of Pinterest, Instagram, and Amazon Prime. But hear us out! There’s a reason this swirly pattern has become a favorite for both 20-something renters and established homeowners. It’s both effortless and effort-full, instantly upgrading any area.
Sep 2, 2018
The $12 Target Purchase That Saved My Bathroom
We might try to walk into Target with good intentions. The plan is to pick up that one thing we need, responsibly tossing it into our baskets before popping through self checkout, paying a respectable amount of money, and going on our ways. Sure, good intentions are great and all—but we also know that no one is safe from the lure of Target.
Jul 19, 2018