The $12 Target Purchase That Saved My Bathroom

published Jul 19, 2018
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(Image credit: John Greim/Getty Images)

We might try to walk into Target with good intentions. The plan is to pick up that one thing we need, responsibly tossing it into our baskets before popping through self checkout, paying a respectable amount of money, and going on our ways.

Sure, good intentions are great and all—but we also know that no one is safe from the lure of Target. One thing turns into two, then two more, and before you know it, you’re pushing a cart full of things you never knew you needed down the checkout lane.

On my most recent trip, I decided to check out the linen aisle—”Just to look!” I told myself with futility. On a quest to find some extra pillowcases for the influx of guests my Brooklyn apartment sees during the summer, I happened upon what I thought were ordinary bath towels from Made By Design (Target’s newest home line). On closer inspection, though, I saw that they come with a fabric loop meant to double as a hanger—and my interest was immediately piqued.

Now, I’ve been a fan of waffle-weave towels since my first boss convinced me that they were the superior bathroom linen—and since then, I’ve never gone back. Waffle-weave towels drew me in with their thinner texture, which dries faster, and unique pattern, which creates a more absorbent fabric. But my original set was getting a bit ragged, so I decided to throw another item into my growing-fuller-by-the-minute Target cart, a two-pack of Made By Design towels for just $12.

Lo and behold, I never knew what I was missing. The extra fabric loop on these towels means I’m not restricted by where I can hang them. Instead of having to walk them back to the bathroom towel rack, I can hook them around just about anything, anywhere in the house. And since the bathroom may not even be the most sanitary place to let your shower towels dry, I was game for switching up their location.

With fewer linens crowding up our tiny Brooklyn bathroom, it already felt tidier. The super-soft terry cloth was a nice reprieve from the admittedly stiff nature of waffle-weave towels, and the built-in loop helped them dry faster and kept them secure. What’s worse than coming home to find your towels on the floor after they slipped off the rack? Not much—except maybe mildew-ridden towels. And I’m happy to report, reader, that these towels dried just as quickly as a thinner linen—if not faster. Now, be careful the next time you go into Target empty-handed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.