Hayley Kessner

Hayley is obsessed with light, believes daydreaming is very important, and loves nothing more than creating something every single day. She is a mother to three children and lives in a little town in Western Australia.
Boho Maximalism in Western Australia
Bec's house is a vintage mix of '50s and '70s surf vibes. It's painted blush pink, there's an olive green Volkswagen in the driveway and surfboards lean by the front door.
Oct 31, 2019
Sharon & Phil’s Bright, Modern Western Australian Home
Name: Sharon and Phil Sunderland Location: Perth, Western Australia Size: 300 square metres (3229 square feet) Years lived in: 10 months; Owned It’s apparent from the moment I walk through the front door that this home oozes style and sophistication. Although, the light-washed floorboards, paired with the white walls and the designer furniture and light fixtures, make it hard to believe that a family of five—with three children preschool age and under— live here.
Oct 24, 2019
Nicole & Ben’s Eclectic Family Pad in Western Australia
Name: Nicole and Ben Ward and sons Kit and Sonny Location: Mount Helena, Western Australia Size: 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom Years lived in: 3.5 years; Owned By day, Nicole works as a florist for her company, Boss Flowers, and moonlights as a country singer with her band, Petticoat Junkyard. Ben similarly works as a carpenter for his business, Ward’s Carpentry, and plays in his punk band, LEECHES!
Apr 30, 2019
Bec & Tom’s Coastal Western Australia Home
Name: Bec and Tom Hutchinson and their daughters, Rubi Mae and Alice Location: Hamilton Hill, Western Australia Size: 156 square meters (1,679 square feet) Years lived in: 2 years; Owned Bec, an interior decorator, and Tom, who owns his own landscaping business, are the perfect team to make a simple builder-grade house into something so much more.
Apr 30, 2019
A Bright, Happy, Family Home…in a Backyard Shed
Name: Mel and Ryan Tonkin and their daughters, Millie and Olivia Location: Bedfordale, Western Australia Size: 95 square meters (1,023 square feet) Years lived in: 4 years; Owned To begin this House Tour, I must tell you that this house is actually a shed — a standard shed you’d find in the backyard of many Australian homes. What Mel and Ryan have done to their shed though, is something entirely different from any shed you have ever seen. It is extraordinary.
Apr 30, 2019
Ascher and Dylan’s Modern (& Gorgeously Landscaped!) Australian Home
Name: Ascher, Dylan & Hudson (13 months old) Lindsay with their two dogs Spencer and Alfie Location: Scarborough, Western Australia Size: 230 square metres (2475 square feet) Years lived in: 7 Years, Owned Set on a very busy road, just a short drive from Scarborough Beach—a popular tourist location—sits Ascher and Dylan’s home. Once you walk through their portico and step inside, the hectic outdoor world just falls away and you are left with a sense of peace and calm.
Apr 30, 2019
A Handmade, Homemade Australian Home
Name: Kirsty and Noel Shorten Location: Hilton, Western Australia Size: 150 square meters (1614 square feet) Years lived in: 3 years Fremantle is well known for being a little quirky. People from all over Perth flock there, especially on the weekends, attracted to its laid back vibe and inviting atmosphere. Kirsty and Noel’s little home perched just above all the action, in the neighboring suburb of Hilton, fits right in.
Apr 30, 2019
A Dilapidated Old Church Becomes a Happy Vibrant Home
Name: Jenny Mountford, owner of Attic and Fable Location: Bridgetown, Western Australia Size: 1894 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned Jenny has always been drawn to color, the avant garde and items that have a history. To hold something in her hands that’s been held by many hands before her gives her such pleasure, allowing herself to wonder about the life both it, and its owner, may have led.
Apr 30, 2019
A Nomadic Couple’s Raw & Earthy Australian Beach Shack
Name: Amelia Stockdale and Kayne Assan Location: Busselton, Western Australia Years lived in: 2 years, renting After returning from traveling and living all over Australia two years ago, Kayne and Amelia were lucky enough to be offered this beach shack to rent in Busselton through a friend. Busselton happens to be Kayne’s hometown, and at first this rental was supposed to be a temporary visit before their next adventure.
Apr 30, 2019
Ashe & David’s Australian Farmhouse
Name: David and Ashe Pellew and their three children Location: West Coolup; Western Australia Size: 180 square meters (1,938 square feet) Years lived in: 14 Months; Owned One afternoon Ashe and David, along with their three children, drove past an old farm that was for sale in a tiny town in the south of Western Australia. At that moment, they fell in love with its charms and promptly bought it the next day, thus fulfilling a dream that they had had together since they were only 17 years old.
Feb 20, 2019
The Coastal Chic Australian Home a Couple Built Together (from the Ground Up)
Name: Franz and Patsy Knapp with kids Felix (6) and Betty (4) and dog Ludo Location: Dunsborough, Western Australia Size: 1,615 square feet Years lived in: 6 years, owned Franz, a stonemason, and Patsy live in a home they built together from the ground up. Their beautiful home is located on seven and a half acres in the coastal town of Dunsborough, well-known for its white sandy beaches and holiday atmosphere.
Feb 7, 2019
Andrea’s Salvaged Home in Western Australia
Name: Andrea Crickmore Location: Byford, Western Australia Size: 200 square meters (2,153 square feet) Years lived in: 3 years; Owned I didn’t even have to get to the door of Andrea’s home to know that it was going to be something completely different from any other home I have photographed before.
Mar 6, 2016
Renee & Adrian’s Sustainable Hideaway in Western Australia
Name: Renee Mouritz and Adrian Testa and their dog, Sammy Location: Yallingup, Western Australia Size: 128 square meters (1,378 square feet) Years lived in: 10 years; Owned Renee, a passionate Australian conservationist, and Adrian, a chiropractor from New York, built themselves a home near the coast of Western Australia to serve as a retreat from the busy-ness of the rest of the world.
Feb 3, 2016
Sophie’s Modern Vintage Mix in Western Australia
Name: Luke and Sophie Doyle and their dog, Chester Location: Melville, Western Australia Size: 450 square meters (4,843 square feet) Years lived in: 3 years; Owned Sophie is a marketing adviser for an agricultural company by day, but it is her role as Creative Director for her business, Design Horde, that is her true passion.
Nov 23, 2015
Sarah & Tony’s ‘Relaxed Rustic’ Home in Western Australia
Name: Tony and Sarah Howell and their sons, Oliver and Reeve Location: Gracetown, Western Australia Size: 320 square meters (3,444 square feet) Years lived in: 16; Owned Between the dense natural bush and one of the main surfing breaks in South Western Australia lies a home full of peace and serenity. Sarah, who owns a home decor business sourcing treasures from around the world, and Tony, regarded as one of Australia’s best chefs, have built a home that is as beautiful as it is inviting.
Nov 19, 2015
Julie and Michael’s Authentic, Handcrafted Family Home
Name: Julie and Michael Martino Location: Doubleview, Western Australia Size: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Years lived in: 17 Years; Owned Julie and Michael’s home is truly one-of-a-kind. Designed by a Swiss architect and built by a Polish migrant in the ’90s, it is full of quirky features—all of which Julie has embraced with her beautiful knack for mixing antiques and roadside junk finds with modern, handmade pieces. The result is a home brimming with soul and personality.
Nov 15, 2015
Kersten and Kim’s Brightened Family House
Name: Kersten & Kim McFarland and their children, Christian and Grace Location: Maylands, Western Australia Size: 170 square meters (1,830 square feet) Years lived in: Two years; Owned When Kim and Kersten first stumbled upon their 1950s cottage, they could see its potential right away. The location was enviable, boasting both a nearby river and views of the city, and they knew with some careful planning, they could turn the small, dark house into the light, bright family home that it is today.
Oct 28, 2015
Duncan & Tanya’s Textural Kensington Cottage
Name: Tanya, Duncan, their two sons, and Maisy, the family Labradoodle Location: Kensington, Western Australia Size: 220 square meters (2,368 square feet) Years lived in: 13 years; Owned Tanya and Duncan’s house is a perfect example of a renovated Australian cottage home. Set in a leafy suburb just 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from the Perth central business district, it has a beautiful natural warmth about it.
Oct 6, 2015
Ruth & Phil’s Smartly Designed, Eco-Friendly Family Home
Name: Phil and Ruth de Vos and their six children Location: Mount Richon, Western Australia Size: 340 square meters (3,660 square feet) Years lived in: 3 1/2 years; Owned Ruth, a textile artist, and Phil, an engineer, built their home with two things in mind: It had to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, and there had to be plenty of room for the entire family.
Oct 3, 2015
Peach & Craig’s Peaceful Australia Abode
Name: Rachel (Peach) & Craig Woods and their three children Location: Dunsborough, Western Australia Size: 300 square metres (3230 square feet) Years lived in: 3 years; Owned When Peach and Craig first bought this house in the coastal town of Dunsborough, south of Perth, it had been seemingly untouched since the 1970s.
Sep 14, 2015
Tonia & Gregory’s Warm Coastal Home
Name: Tonia & Gregory Home and their two sons Location: Prevelly; Margaret River, Western Australia Size: approx. 1,000 square metres (10,764 square feet) Years lived in: 20 years for Gregory, 10 years with Tonia; Owned Upon walking into this home, you immediately feel its warm embrace.
Aug 11, 2015