A Nomadic Couple’s Raw & Earthy Australian Beach Shack

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Nomadic Couple’s Raw & Earthy Australian Beach Shack

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Amelia Stockdale and Kayne Assan
Location: Busselton, Western Australia
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

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After returning from traveling and living all over Australia two years ago, Kayne and Amelia were lucky enough to be offered this beach shack to rent in Busselton through a friend. Busselton happens to be Kayne’s hometown, and at first this rental was supposed to be a temporary visit before their next adventure. Yet, two years have now passed, and they have completely fallen in love with their affordable little beach shack…and can’t see themselves moving anytime soon.

Kayne works within the tourism industry as a skipper for a fishing charter company up and down the West Coast of Australia, while Amelia teaches yoga on the beach during the summer, as well as works as a manager and stylist for the local business Empire Homewares. So, it’s really no wonder they haven’t wanted to move from such a prime location!

The beach shack is small, with just enough room for the couple and their pooch Elky and bunny rabbit Pancakes. Luckily, they both love spending all of their time outdoors, with Kayne either making recycled furniture (which is found throughout the house) or Amelia tending to the veggie patch and garden. They also have a couple of big, beautiful peppermint trees out the back — so when all the jobs are done they love nothing more than to kick back, have a picnic, and play the guitar together in the shade.

Amelia has worked on bringing the outdoors inside so there is a seamless transition between each space. There are plants in every corner, hanging from the ceilings, climbing the old, patched walls, and propped up on shelves. It is an effective and inexpensive way to bring life to the space, and transforms the way the house feels.

They were initially drawn to this home for the price-point. But now, it is the character, backyard, and its location (being so close to the ocean) that have helped both Kayne and Amelia settle down and make this their first “real” home.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Raw and Earthy

Inspiration: Traveling for its diversity and history. While living in Copenhagen I found so much inspiration. Not only because it’s my heritage but also because of its beauty for simplicity and cultivating design.

Favorite Element: The light and the old floor boards.

Biggest Challenge: Even though living in a old house does look beautiful, it is also very hard to keep clean, especially because of our furry animals.

What Friends Say: Our friends love the energy of our little shack. Especially from what it was, to what it has become. Also that our home defines us.

Biggest Embarrassment: Not having a shower curtain nor a lock.

Proudest DIY: Our baby crib without the baby part yet. Kayne handmade this beautiful rustic baby crib in one day. It’s all recycled wood, with a clear vanish steel…and did I mention it’s shaped as a half moon!!! We intended to give it to some friends for a gift but we fell in love with it so we kept it for the future.

Biggest Indulgence: The plants. They bring light and life into our home. As a stylist, I share with all my clients the beauty that nature can bring into your home and why not, they make everything look so much better!

Best Advice: To never forget your style. Be inspired by other people, nature and make it your own. Fill your house with the things you love. Simplicity is key and you can never go wrong with natural timber! Use different heights, textures and if you need to fill a space, try a plant.

Dream Sources: Gustav Oliver Studios, Paulina Arcklin and Antonio Mora art.


Dulux Natural White – Entire home
Dulux Pale Daffodil – Master Bedroom

Surfboard rack – DIY by Kane

All kitchenwares – thrifted
Ladder – Empire Homewares

Rattan chair – Empire Homewares
Hanging plant – Leaf Love
Macrame – thrifted
Grey Sofa – Bay Furniture Dunsborough
Stump side table – made by Kayne
TV Display – made by Kayne
Pink metal chair – thrifted
Black and white Art – Empire Homewares
Green lamp – thrifted

Pine dining setting – Bay Furniture Dunsborough

Timber crib – made by Kayne
Woven rug – Armadillo and Co
Cigar leaf plant – Leaf Love
Bedside Table – found Besser blocks
Cloud print – Empire Homewares
Timber carved buffet – Empire Homewares

Desk – Thrifted
Chair – Vintage
Kantha Quilt – Market find
Bassinet – Vintage

Thanks, Kayne and Amelia!

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