Jenny Butler

The Truth About White Floors
Anna of Door Sixteen‘s beautiful white floors When we were researching the idea of installing white floors as part of our kitchen renovation, we couldn’t find an honest report on what it was like living with them. Are they a nightmare to keep clean or is it much the same as a darker coloured floor? Are damages more noticeable? Someone please just give us an opinion other than “they’re pretty!”.
Jun 19, 2019
Inspiration: Windowsill Garden
We’ve been enviously reading posts from the Northern Hemisphere about the lead up to summer and meanwhile down here in Australia, we’ve just entered winter. It’s getting really cold and frosty so not much is happening in our garden at the moment.
Jun 18, 2019
Anna Spiro’s Brisbane Abode
Name: Anna SpiroLocation: Brisbane, AustraliaSize: 2,370 square feetYears lived in: 1 year, ownedOver the past few weeks we’ve been getting a glimpse into some of Australia’s most exciting interior designers’ homes. This week we take a look at Brisbane based interior designer and blogger Anna Spiro’s home.
Jun 18, 2019
How To Remove Paint From Textured Glass
While renovating our bathroom, we got an annoying amount of paint on the window. The glass is textured so even though we had prepped the window with painters tape it still leaked [we were also a bit clumsy in other places]. The textured glass meant a razor blade wasn’t very effective so we got creative!Materials:Razor BladeNail Polish RemoverMicrofiber ClothCotton TipsGlass Cleaner 1. Scrape as much paint off the glass as you can with the razor blade.2.
May 8, 2019
Tina’s Port Douglas Cottage
Name: Tina, Matthew & Pablo Location: Port Douglas, QLD, Australia Size: 98 square meters [1060 square feet]Years lived in: 3 years, owned Artist Tina and her chef husband Matthew live in a beachside cottage in Port Douglas with their toddler Pablo. Living half the year in one of Australia’s most beautiful holiday destinations and the other half in Berlin, they make good use of their home by renting it out as a holiday rental when they’re not there.
May 21, 2010
Pilgrim’s Progressive Vintage
Name: Pilgrim Lee Location: Melbourne, Australia Years lived in: 3 years, rented While many people would have fought against the original elements of this 1970s home, Pilgrim embraced it with wide open arms. Her love of the late 60s/early 70s fits in perfectly the with house; brightly pattered soft furnishing compliment the amazing original scalloped carpet and the wide variety of artworks throughout are enhanced by huge windows and an abundance of vintage light fittings.
Apr 23, 2010
Dana’s Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment
Name: Dana HughesLocation: Sydney, AustraliaSize: 100 square meters [1075 square feet]Years lived in: 8 months After discovering Dana’s beautiful blog Yellowtrace a few months back, we have been addicted to the impressive interviews, features and photography. Through her interior design work, it was clear Dana had an amazing eye — it’s thrilling to see how her style is reflected in her own Sydney apartment that she shares with her husband.
Apr 9, 2010
How To Cover An Ugly Air Conditioner
As our kitchen renovation draws closer to completion, we’ve started to notice how much of an eyesore our old air conditioner is. It’s in perfect working order and we’re keen to keep it so we’ve played around with a couple of ideas of how to update its appearance. We decided on a removable cover, full details below the jump.
Feb 23, 2010
How To Make Moss Graffiti
Since seeing Anna Garforth’s use of moss as graffiti we’ve been keen to try this at home. Turns out it’s a very simple process and we had the perfect wall in the backyard so we gave it a go. Cheap, easy and interesting garden decorations, we’d recommend this to anyone who has the space.Materials:MossBlenderSugarButter MilkWaterContainerPaint Brush 1. Decide on an image and transfer onto the wall in chalk. You could use a stencil or draw freehand.
Feb 11, 2010
How To Reupholster Dining Chairs 2 Different Ways
We’ve been collecting a particular style of blackwood dining chair one at a time for the past couple of years. They all had mismatched upholstery that was damaged and worn so it was time to do something about it. While they all matched in style, they couldn’t all be reupholstered the same way.The way the chairs differed was that on some chairs the seat base was removable but the others were fixed.
Feb 9, 2010
Simone’s Beachside Vintage Cottage
Name: Simone GeorgetteLocation: Brisbane, AustraliaSize:  Approx 350 square meters (3,700 square feet)Years lived in:  2 years, Owned We featured Simone’s amazing waterside backyard a couple of months ago and we were excited to see inside her home today. Simone’s passion for all things vintage is evident throughout her house, with a lot of her furniture and objects coming from eBay, garage sales, op shops and found on the side of the road.
Sep 1, 2009
Max and Peter’s Squeaky-Clean Quarters
Name: Max and Peter Kater of Murchison-HumeLocation: Sydney, AustraliaSize: 250 square meters (2,700 square feet)Years lived in: 7 years We’ve loved Murchison-Hume products for a while now, not just because they’re effective eco-friendly products, but also because they also look so darn good. We were thrilled to discover the aesthetic of Murchison-Hume products flowed from the founders’ own home. Max and Peter’s abode is refined, yet is still entirely a family home.
Jul 24, 2009
My Great Outdoors: Marcus & Jenny’s Veggie Garden
Name: Marcus & Jenny ButlerLocation: Melbourne, AustraliaType of space: Vegetable Garden Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: We’re in the middle of winter now so our veggie garden looks a little dormant [even though we planted a full crop of winter veg over 6 weeks ago]. Despite this we still pick fresh herbs from it close to every day.
Jun 23, 2009
How to: Make Flower Fairy Lights
During the Christmas sales last year we went on the search for the longest string of LED fairy lights we could find. We weren’t sure how we would use them but we knew that the first Summer in our own home would bring a lot of entertaining. After flicking though an old copy of Notebook, we found the answer.To make flower fairy lights you will need: Fairy lights Vellum paper in a variety of colours Scissors Method:1. Cut 15cm squares of vellum paper in a variety of colours.
Oct 27, 2008
Look: Jenny Kee for Target Australia
The latest range of ‘Designers for Target’ features homewares by Jenny Kee. With two ranges, Opal OZ based on the striking colours of Australian Opals and Mali Oz based on the simple strength of contrasting black and white. Kee said of her designs “I create simple designs, which are timeless… My work is about longevity and my collection for Target means that my work will last more than just a season”. Available from Target on 23rd October in selected stores.
Oct 22, 2008
House Tour: Rachel’s Weatherboard Cottage
Name: Rachel PittsLocation: Footscray, Melbourne, AustraliaSize: 82 square meters [882 square feet]Years lived in: 3 years >> Rachel and Leigh’s home has a really open, genuine and fresh feel to it. One of the first things they did after purchasing their 1900’s weatherboard home, was tearing down the wall in between the kitchen and living room.
Oct 17, 2008