The Truth About White Floors

updated Jun 19, 2019
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Anna of Door Sixteen‘s beautiful white floors
When we were researching the idea of installing white floors as part of
our kitchen renovation, we couldn’t find an honest report on what it was like living with them. Are they a nightmare to keep clean or is it much the same as a darker coloured floor? Are damages more noticeable? Someone please just give us an opinion other than “they’re pretty!”. We’re here to tell you the truth about living with white floors, see more below the jump.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Overall, we are absolutely loving our white floors. They brighten our kitchen and dining space more than we expected and they are really beautiful. They are also very easy to clean which is lucky because these floors attract dirt unlike any other surface we’ve ever seen! The photo above is all the dirt, dog hair and dust that collected on our floors in 24 hours. Only 24hrs! We’re very grateful that we chose a more textured floor finish which does help hide the dirt, especially after we had been considering a high gloss white.

Our advice to anyone considering white floors is to consider your environment and cleaning commitment carefully before making that decision. If you live in an apartment with a shoes off rule and no pets- go for it! If you’re like us, with people constantly walking in and out with shoes on and a shedding puppy who likes sneaking sticks inside to chew, then be prepared to sweep daily and mop every couple of days.

Are there any decorating dark-secrets you’ve learned the hard way?