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29 Galley Kitchens That’ll Inspire You to Make the Most of a Small Space
These spaces might be tight, but they can also be stylish and efficient.
Nov 3, 2023
7 Renter-Friendly Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling
You can put away your drill now.
Nov 1, 2023
8 Easy Pumpkin Carving Designs No One Else on Your Block Will Have
Stand out from the crowd with one of these easy DIYs.
Sep 30, 2023
10 Beautiful Colored Glasses Guaranteed to Make You Smile
Drinking glasses may be a standard item in any kitchen, but add some color and personality, and you'll make something so commonplace a true household treat.
Jul 6, 2023
The 4-Step Guide to Renewing Grout (In Order of Increasing Grossness)
Stick a light-colored, porous material between tiles—where spills are likely to settle and mildew is undoubtedly going to grow—and you can bet it’s not going to be a pretty situation. And once stains set in, scrubbing them clean is no one’s idea of a fun afternoon. But the promise of fresh, gleaming grout? It keeps us fighting the good fight.
May 20, 2023
Small Space Ideas from an Iconic 1920s Dutch Design Home
At the edge of the charming Dutch town of Utrecht, nestled between traditional 20th-century homes and a highway overpass, lies a house that’s all planes, lines and pops of primary color. Built in the 1920s by architect Gerrit Rietveld in collaboration with his partner (in both love and design) Truus Schröder-Schräder, the building does for architecture what Mondrian did for art: It pares it down to form and color.
Apr 27, 2023
10 IKEA Storage Hacks for When You Need an Extra Closet
When space is tight and money’s even tighter, IKEA is our happy place. Browsing the $30 wheeled carts and the $10 towel racks (both spotted above), it suddenly seems possible that we can actually afford a stylish, organized home. Even the fact that we have a teeny-tiny closet (or no closet at all…eep!) seems easily fixable. And it is—just follow the lead of the inspiring, IKEA-filled rooms ahead.
Mar 28, 2023
The Dos & Don’ts of Perfectly Matched Paint Touch-Ups
No more scratched, scuffed, or chipped paint!
Oct 25, 2022
Home Sweet Home: Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Cozier
The kitchen is often the hub of a home, but it can also tend to feel like a stark, cold space (tile floors and an abundance of stainless steel appliances will do that). Luckily, there are some design tricks to warm up the room, while still keeping this area devoted to cooking and eating clean and healthy. With a few design details and accents that add personality, you can inject the entire room with warmth.
Oct 14, 2022
The Secret to Kitchens & Bathrooms That Will Never Go Out of Style
As Nancy pointed out recently, there are some kitchen design choices that never go out of style — retro SMEG fridges and farmhouse sinks fall firmly in this category. If they’ve been considered stylish and practical for decades, chances are they’ll still be popular a couple decades from now.
Oct 13, 2022
How To Turn Your City Apartment Into a Cozy Ski Chalet in 7 Easy Steps
Full disclosure: I’ve never been skiing, or snowboarding, or so much as stepped foot on a snow-covered mountain range. But I’ve seen “Force Majeure” and have taken a virtual tour of Aerin Lauder’s Aspen home, which basically qualifies me as a pseudo expert on the après-ski aesthetic. To get the look (without actually hitting the slopes), here are some cozy ways to work ski style into your apartment that won’t look totally out of place.
Oct 12, 2022
The No-Soil, Zero-Maintenance Method for Growing Houseplants
We’ve finally found a solution for people who love houseplants but don’t love when their feline roommates treat the fiddle leaf fig like their own personal litter box. Here are 15 herbs and houseplants that can grow hydroponically, meaning they can survive without potting soil, in just a vase full of water. Not only is this dirt-free method pet-friendly and low-maintenance, but it also happens to produce some stunning arrangements.
Sep 27, 2022
So Long, Popcorn Ceilings: 8 Transformative Overhead Architectural Hacks
So, your rental apartment or newly-built home didn’t come with coffered ceilings or pressed tin tiles? Set your sights above that unsightly popcorn or drop ceilings you’ve been dealt. All eight of these ceiling hacks will lend architectural interest to a boring room—whether you channel intricate European plasterwork or rustic exposed wood beams is entirely up to you. Give the impression of dramatic crown molding with a painted ceiling that extends about a foot down the wall.
Sep 21, 2022
What Are Spider Mites And How Can You Save Your Plants From Them?
So, you’ve noticed some tiny pests creeping on your precious houseplants , leaving little webs and stressing out your once-thriving plant. Here’s the bad news: You may have a case of white spider mites. These buggers reproduce quickly, so the time to take action is NOW to save your favorite green buddies, like your fiddle leaf fig plants and dracaena plants. Here’s the good news: It’s possible to quell a spider mite infestation, but it will require persistence.
May 11, 2022
Try Out These Brilliant Balcony Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space
Nothing beats the feeling of eating dinner out on your balcony or enjoying the company of family on your stylish new patio furniture set. When the warm weather months roll around, you’ll probably feel motivated to whip your patio into shape, whether it’s super small or expansive. Sure, you’ll want to add some weatherproof chair cushions and ceramic planters to your shopping list, but there’s one thing that sets the ambiance like nothing else: lighting.
Apr 8, 2022
18 DIY Desk Ideas to Make Working from Home a Breeze
See what your workspace could look like...
Mar 5, 2022
Hang Out in Style with These 9 Chic Hanging Chairs
Add a touch of boho flair to your home today.
Mar 24, 2021
These Stylish C Tables Will Make Working From Your Couch That Much Easier
The ultimate furniture piece for modern apartment living.
Mar 2, 2021
8 Houseplants that Can Survive Urban Apartments, Low Light and Under-Watering
These plants were born to be city dwellers.
Jan 26, 2021
Get Started Now: 9 Stylish Gifts To Stitch, Knit or Embroider
The projects pair especially well with wine and Netflix.
Sep 2, 2020
5 Small-Space Solutions from a Fabulous Swedish Prefab
When I first took a virtual tour of the charming prefab homes from the Swedish company LEVA Husfabrik, almost every room had an element that made me think, “Hey, I could make that!” Not only did the ideas seem doable, but also beautiful, minimal and supremely functional for small spaces. When you’re debating your next DIY project, scroll through these homes for inspiration, or choose one of the five projects on my wish list.
Jul 18, 2020
The Best Bed Sets and Beds-in-a-Bag
There’s something undeniably appealing about bed-in-a-bag style duvet and comforter sets. Everything arrives in one convenient package and you have a beautiful bed in a matter of minutes, without having to worry about matching your sheets to your shams. Our favorite bedding bundles come in a range of price points and offer a variety of components—some cover everything from the bedskirt to the throw pillows, while others are more basic duvet-and-sham duos.
Jul 17, 2020
Under $300: 13 Cute, Chic (& Cheap!) Coffee Tables
When you’re working with a tight budget, deciding against a coffee table seems like an easy way to save a grand. And yet, no living room feels complete without one (I mean, does anyone really want to set their mug down on the floor?). After searching some of our favorite sources, we found that this finishing touch can be surprisingly affordable—and the 13 options that follow will anchor the room for less than $300.
Jul 17, 2020
The Best Sources for Linen Everything (Napkins, Bedding, and Notebooks, Too!)
During the warm days of summer that always seem to creep into September, no material is more refreshing than naturally crisp linen. To cool you down as this glorious season lingers on, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite sources for high-quality linen everything—duvet covers, towels, and notebooks included. Save this list of go-to shops in your design file—these are 8 sources you’re going to want to keep shopping all year long. Why linen, you ask?
Jul 17, 2020
10 Phone Charging Docks & Stations That Actually Look Good
If seeing the 10-percent battery alert pop up on your smartphone sends you scrambling for a charger you can never find when you need it, it may be time to give your phone a proper home. Make a small investment in one of these stylish refueling stations—most are $50 or less!—to wrangle the cord chaos once and for all. It’s a charging dock, it’s a vase—it’s your bedside table’s new best friend.
Jul 17, 2020
7 Ways to Repurpose a Vintage Dresser (And Gain More Storage in Every Room)
Stylish vintage dressers are a dime a dozen at antique stores and flea markets. I just came back from the Brimfield Antique Show, and let me tell you, those fields were positively brimming with awesome dressers. They seemed so much easier to find than other pieces of furniture, that at one point, I started to wonder why we all don’t just turn one of these dressers into the vanity / kitchen island / tv stand we’re searching for? Turns out, we absolutely can.
Jul 17, 2020
The Renter’s List: What You Should & Shouldn’t Be Spending Big Bucks On
The semi-nomadic life of a renter can make it hard to make a commitment—to furniture, to art, to a real set of knives. And yet, there are some items worth investing in, even if you don’t know where you’ll be living a couple years from now. These are things you’ll want to take with you, even if it means buying some bubble wrap and renting a U-Haul on moving day.
Jul 17, 2020
Find Gifts for the Women You ❤️ : 9 Cute and Quirky Online Shops
What do you get for the girls who’ve got your back 365 days out of the year? The finest money can buy, of course (as long as it’s less than $30, right?). We’ve scoured our favorite online boutiques for special finds under $100, with half priced under $25, that are guaranteed to charm every friend on your list. This quirky and colorful L.A.-based shop is not only geared toward gift-giving, but it also makes picking out a present almost as much fun as getting a present.
Jul 17, 2020
12 Best Ottomans and Poufs (for Seating, Storage, and Even Sleeping)
Don’t let its small size fool you, the ottoman may be one of the hardest-working (yet under-appreciated!) pieces of furniture. Especially if you live in a small space, a single stool that acts as an extra seat, a side table, a storage unit, a place to prop your feet, and maybe even a bed is the kind of do-it-all multitasker you’re going to want to keep around.
Jul 17, 2020
Where to Sell, Donate & Recycle Clothes You KonMari’d Out of Your Closet
If the New Year has you on a KonMari decluttering kick, you’ll most likely greet 2017 with half a closet’s worth of clothing castoffs. Rather than toss those rejects right into the landfill, here’s how to turn them into cash, let them do some good in the world, or give them a second life in a recycled fashion line. If your clothes are in good shape and you wouldn’t mind making a couple extra bucks (or $100) off of them, turn to these sites and secondhand stores.
Jul 16, 2020
Surefire Ways to Kill a Houseplant in 10 Days or Less
Plants are fickle. They’re hot, they’re cold, then they’re dying of thirst, and now they’re drowning. And they never communicate their needs clearly—they just expect you to guess. To decode all the finicky things your plant is trying to tell you, but can’t seem to find the words, we’ve decoded their top ten complaints. Time to air grievances. 1. Using the wrong potting soil.
Jul 16, 2020
Day Planners that Will Make You Look Like a Boss
These planners and agendas are going to help you get your life organized—or at the very least, they’re going to make you look like you know what you’re doing. Categorized with different types of workers in mind, we’ve roundup up the best day planners for style-seekers, goal-reachers, and creative planners. Go ahead, doodle, schedule and scribble your way to the top. This colorful, eye-catching cover is bound to attract compliments from your artistic crew.
Jul 16, 2020
The Ultimate Decluttering Guide: 130 Things to Get Rid of in the New Year
If the prospect of a shiny new year has you wanting to jump back onboard the KonMari-method decluttering train (à la Emily Gilmore in the Netflix “Gilmore Girls” revival), you’re in good company. The start of 2017 has us reimagining our homes as minimalist sanctuaries, filled only with joy-sparking essentials.
Jul 16, 2020
Cozy, Cute and Cuddly: The Best Dog Beds for Your Pup
Your dog probably rates your lap as the number one sleep spot, but when that’s not an option, these comfy beds would probably come in as a close second. Before you take your pick, consider your dog’s size, sleep preferences, and any health concerns. An older dog may prefer a firm mattress, while an anxious pup may want a comforting cocoon to nestle into.
Jul 16, 2020
5 “Future Heirloom” Investment Pieces that are Worth Every Penny
There are plenty of home goods that are fine to buy cheap (I put shower curtains and bathmats in that category), and then there are those worth shelling out some cash for. These are investment pieces that will travel with you from home to home, and that could one day be given to a loved one. Here are our picks for 5 items you’ll love using every single day, and that you’ll look forward to owning for years to come.
Jul 16, 2020
Fantastic Finds for Every Budget: 15 of the Most Stunning Chandeliers
Whether sleek mid-century modern or a crystal-dripping stunner, a chandelier is the crown jewel of a room. Knowing that all this opulence can come at a cost, we’ve rounded up 15 statement-making options that fit a range of budgets, with many priced under $200. Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to steal the spotlight. A simple yet graphic design makes this ring of light the star of any room.
Jul 16, 2020