Lindsey Kay Averill

A Playful House in Phoenix
Name: Taylor and Isabella Crockett Location: Central Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,200 square feet Years lived in: 9 Months; Owned While the housing market in Phoenix was one of the first to crash, it’s also been the first to rebound. Before the first quarter of 2012, if you were quicker than the investors, you could snag a foreclosed home in an historic neighborhood for less than $100,000.
Feb 20, 2019
Liz and John’s 1926 Sears Craftsman in Phoenix
Name: John and Liz Tavarez Location: Fairview Place; Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,004 square feet Years lived in: 7 years; Owned Liz and John live in a Sears Craftsman assembled in 1926. Their neighborhood, Fairview Place, was granted Historic Designation in 1994. It’s the oldest house in their neighborhood by two years. In Phoenix, this is considered incredibly old. In fact, generally speaking, a home built before 1960 is considered old.
Feb 20, 2019
A Colorful, Fearless Arizona Home
Name: Cyndi Coon Location: Tempe, Arizona Size: 1,800 square feet Years lived in: 13 years; owned Cyndi’s home, a ranch-style house built in 1958, is a stunning ode to all things found, reclaimed, and vintage. It’s a home you can stare at for hours: peering into glass-fronted cases, admiring collections of ceramics, and wondering at the story behind each object. It’s about as far away from childproofed as you can get.
Feb 20, 2019
An Unpretentious Creative Phoenix Home
Name: Kristoffer Keul and Carrie Bloomston Location: Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,750 square feet Years lived in: 14 years; Owned Kristoffer Keul and Carrie Bloomston are on a mission to enable creativity, and their home is the center of operations. Carrie has a book that helps people find their creative spark.
Feb 20, 2019
Jeremy & Kim’s Cozy Deco Home
Name: Jeremy and Kim Kasten Location: South Pasadena, California Size: 1,300 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years; Rented My dear friend Jeremy Kasten had his previous loft featured on Apartment Therapy almost six years ago. It was a stunningly sexy apartment in the Eastern Columbia building in Downtown Los Angeles. Two and a half years ago, with a baby on the way, he and his lovely wife Kim were forced to find something bigger for their growing family.
Feb 20, 2019
A Small, Sophisticated 468 Square Foot Urban Arizona Studio
Name: Matthew Herbert Location: Downtown Phoenix, AZ Size: 468 square feet Years lived in: 6 Months; Rented When Matt first toured White Stone Studios, he was immediately drawn to the aesthetic; he knew it would highlight his personal style and design choices. His previous apartment was about twice the size of the studio, and downsizing his possessions, he says, has been a refreshing experience.
Aug 3, 2015
A Southwest Modern Arizona Abode
Name: Jeremy Briddell Location: Phoenix, Arizona Size: 780 square feet Years lived in: 1.5 years; Rented Jeremy has an MFA in ceramics from Arizona State University. He’s had exhibitions all over the country, and won the Emerging Artist Award from the American Crafts Council in 2001. His ceramics are stunning — structured and delicate, with a beautifully contrasting rough, organic texture. Not surprisingly, his home has the same quality.
Mar 14, 2014
Warm Industrial Style Meets Vintage in an Arizona Condo
Name: Jevon Lake Location: Central Phoenix, Arizona Size: 950 square feet Years lived in: 5 years; Owned When Jevon was hunting for a home five years ago, his agents brought him to a unit in a Mid-century condominium community. The unit was a slow moving project by a local designer, not yet on the market, and Jevon immediately fell in love with it. A deal was struck and Jevon lived in a hotel for about a month, while consulting on the finished design.
Nov 27, 2013
A Contemporary Urban Desert Home
Name: Tim Rodgers Location: Canal North; Phoenix, Arizona Size: 2,200 square feet Years lived in: 1 year; Owned In 2011, the Meadowbrook Residence, built and designed by Jay Atherton and Cy Keener, was on the cover of Dwell. It received quite a bit of attention from local and national media outlets. The two young architects lived and worked out of the house. The images from Dwell show an incredibly sparse, utilitarian space and aesthetic.
Nov 15, 2013
Bold Colors Meet Mid-Century in an Arizona Townhouse
Name: Lalita Adkins Location: Phoenix, Arizona Size: 2,2000 square feet Years lived in: 5 years; Owned Five years ago, Lalita moved into her husband’s townhouse while they were still dating. Before she got her hands on it, she says it was a bachelor pad, with occasional traces of the ghosts of girlfriends past. As a lifelong design lover, Lalita recognized the possibilities in the unique and open layout of the home.
Sep 23, 2013
Scuba’s Open House
Name: Stephen “Scuba” Clark Location: Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,700 square feet Years lived in: 5 years; Owned Stephen ‘Scuba’ Clark bought his house five years ago, and in that five years, not a month has gone by that he hasn’t managed to add significant and beautiful upgrades to his home. All of the projects are custom, designed by Scuba, and typically built by his roommate, Jeremy. Scuba’s passion for life and travel is obvious in every corner of his home.
Feb 7, 2013