Rayan Turner

Rayan is the founding editor of DIY + Design blog The Design Confidential. An admitted hoarder of supplies and lumber, she can't manage to part with anything that has even a smidgen of potential. Naturally, her project list never dips below double digits.
DIY Furniture Knock-Offs That Really Knock It Out of the Park
Once upon a time there used to be a fairly definitive line between what a person should buy and what was possible to DIY. This is not the case any longer. Thanks in part to the maker movement growing to epic proportions over the last decade, and the buzzing blogosphere that churns out jaw-dropping tutorials at record speed, our collective confidence and relative body of DIY knowledge is out of sight.
Oct 4, 2016
Demystify (and Master) the Art of Pattern Mixing
Pattern mixing is nothing short of an art form that is often elusive and frequently underestimated. Having this skill set is what separates the professionals from the minor leaguers and those of us who merely dabble in design for our own personal benefit and pleasure. To help us conquer our design fears and polish up our pattern mixing prowess, I went directly to the source and asked 6 world-renowned designers for their ultimate tips and tricks, for mixing patterns like a pro!
Aug 29, 2016