Tabitha Abercrombie

Tabitha is an Event + Floral Designer whose company, Winston and Main, is dedicated to helping modern couples create deeply personal weddings. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of one year, their dog, 3 cats, and a flock of chickens.
5 Wedding Trends You Haven’t Heard About Yet
Couples often feel pressure to have a “timeless” or “classic” wedding. Here’s the thing, though: there’s no such thing as a timeless wedding. Just like fashion and home décor, wedding trends come and go. So here’s my best advice: Forget about trying to be timeless and let yourself embrace the unique trends you love, infusing your wedding day with your own personal brand of magic. In 20 years, your wedding photos will look dated anyway.
May 3, 2019
6 Streaming Documentaries Sure to Fuel Your Minimalist Fire
In an increasingly overwhelming world, minimalism is having a moment. It seems very appealing (and doable!) to take control of your life one possession at a time. You can purge what you don’t need, get educated and intentional about what you do need, and forget the rest. If you constantly feel like you’re too busy, too tired, or too broke, minimalism says that a life with less stuff promises more.
May 3, 2019
21 Modern Wedding Bands for a Minimalist Bride
There’s nothing plain, boring, or basic about modern wedding bands for the minimalist bride. Whether you’re after something beautifully crafted, ethically sourced, or perfectly embellished, we’ve got you covered. From simple silver bands to more sophisticated, and dare we say, even a bit sparkly options, there are terrific rings across the minimalist spectrum.
May 3, 2019
How to Think Like a Florist When Choosing & Caring for Fresh Flowers at Home
As an event florist, keeping flowers alive and looking good is a pretty integral part of my livelihood at Winston & Main. I often joke that all design and artistry aside, I’m really more of a triage nurse for my floral friends. I assess their condition and get them stable, so they can leave my watchful eye and make their beautiful way in the world.
May 3, 2019
Don’t Be the Worst: 5 Things to NEVER Do at a Wedding
Spring has sprung, summer is right around the corner, and your refrigerator is covered in save-the-dates for fast approaching weddings meaning you’ve booked your travel, sent gifts and picked out your perfect outfit. And, while I’m sure you’re a fabulous human being and a stellar wedding guest, a little refresher in modern wedding etiquette never hurt anyone right?
May 3, 2019
The “Lost Art Form” Meghan Markle Says Should Make a Comeback
In a world of overflowing inboxes, communication is often instant, nearly constant, and usually “urgent.” And brief, if we’re lucky, because the daily struggle to get to inbox zero is all too real. Sure, you can get your flirt on via text or email, or send off a quick thank you or congratulations, but what happens when you want to communicate in a more personal, romantic, lengthy or memorable way?
Nov 30, 2017
5 Creative Holiday Cards that Won’t End Up in the Landfill
Do you cringe at the thought of how many holiday cards are tossed in the recycling (or worse, the trash bin) come January 1st? If you’re trying to be more waste-conscious, or have friends and family who are, you might want to consider alternatives to traditional greeting cards. After all, you’re not a grinch. But the struggle to maintain your waste-conscious lifestyle during the holidays and still join in the generous spirit of the season is real.
Nov 18, 2017
The Most Design-Forward Holiday Cards for Showing Off Your Family, Home or Pets
It’s a well known fact that time accelerates between Halloween and New Years, so it’s imperative that you consider your holiday cards now, before the season passes you by in a champagne blur, and all you’re left with is a stack of empty Amazon boxes.
Nov 14, 2017
The Best Holiday Cards if You’d Rather Do Anything Than Schedule a Family Photo Shoot
Maybe you think holiday photos are cheesy, you’re camera shy, or you’re just plain short of time this year …and who isn’t? Luckily there are plenty of amazing holiday cards out there that don’t require matching family sweaters, or the time to find them. And if you’re still keen on customization, there are plenty of ways to personalize photo-free cards too.
Nov 9, 2017
Do You Dream of the Simple Life? 9 Instagram Accounts to Follow
If you’re looking to lead a simpler life, reconnect with nature, maybe even snag a few backyard chickens, look no further then Instagram, where happy homesteaders share peeks of their idyllic agrarian lives with the rest of us. You can find practical advice and inspiration for making everything from clothes to kombucha, or just get lost in a sea of perfectly styled shots of adorable kiddos in rustic wool caps running wild in the woods.
Mar 5, 2017