Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Helped Me Discover the All-Pink Kitchen I Never Knew I Needed

updated Apr 28, 2021
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Credit: Shutterstock/DFree

You couldn’t have grown up in the ’90s and ’00s without knowing who the Backstreet Boys were. Me? I went full fangirl rocking a “Millennium” t-shirt and arguing with friends over Larger than Life.” But over a decade later, I can proudly say that McLean still is and will forever be my favorite. And with the release of his new song “Love Song Love,” I have a new McLean-related thing to obsess over: the all-pink kitchen in the music video.

Last week, McLean dropped the new single that celebrates the transgender and LGBTQ community at large. In the music video, he and models Nahla Wyld and Carmen Carrera are filmed inside an almost entirely pink house, going in and out of whimsically styled rooms that showcase how much you can do with the iconic color. But every time the camera panned over the vintage-styled kitchen, in all its pink cabinet glory, I felt the thought creeping in “should I… redo my entire kitchen to look this exact way?”

The first glimpse you get is 22 seconds in, where McLean peeks around the corner to see Carrera in the kitchen, who playfully throws something his way. But that quick first look was enough to notice the pastel pink cabinetry complemented by floral wallpaper that leaves you wanting more.

43 seconds in, you get a better shot of the entire kitchen, which reveals that not only are the cabinets pink, but so is the fridge, countertop accessories, and ribbons tied at the bottom of the lace curtains. As an added bonus, the kitchen table and chairs give off serious “Golden Girls” vibes, too, with the floral patterns, tiny round table, outdoor garden-like chairs (and the same amount of them, too!).

Going back to the kitchen cabinets: as of recent, people have been really leaning into colorful paint choices to brighten up their cooking spaces. Even experts such as Clare Paint founder Nicole Gibbons predicted “punchy pinks” to be one of 2021’s most popular kitchen cabinet colors, mentioning that it “really makes a statement.” So if you wanna be original, say “yeah” to pink cabinets.

It’s one thing to read about pink kitchens, but it’s another to actually see it brought to (larger than) life — in a McLean music video, no less. My new 2021 summer goal: find an all-pink kitchen to dance inside of while blasting the Backstreet Boys’ best hits.