27 Pink Kitchen Ideas That’ll Add Personality to Your Home

updated Jul 18, 2023
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Credit: Sylvie Li

At some point in the recent past, pink became the new neutral, which is wonderful considering the wide array of available hues, from soft blush colors to neon pink to perracotta (a blend of pink and terracotta). If there’s anything recent design trends point to, it’s that pink is no longer only reserved for the nursery. Though admittedly gorgeous in the bedroom, one of the most fun rooms to use pink in is the kitchen. Regardless what shade is your trusty go-to, pink is surprisingly a highly versatile color for home design. Along with adding color and beauty to your kitchen, pink could even make you feel calmer.

“Increasingly, we live in open-plan homes, with kitchens connected to dining areas or even living spaces,” says Emily Murray, the founder and editor of the award-winning blog/business The Pink House. “Bland, personality-free ‘kitchen-y’ kitchens not only look sterile and uninviting, but are, in my view, a waste of an opportunity to create a colorful room that gives you a dopamine hit every time you enter your home. And what more joyful color than pink?!” 

These gorgeous kitchens show off pink in different ways, and they just may inspire you to pick up that paint brush! Regardless if your home is already full of colorful designs or more based in neutral tones, use these tips and spaces as inspiration for your kitchen makeover.

Credit: Emily Murray

Tips for Using Pink In the Kitchen

First, here are a few of Murray’s best tips for decorating your kitchen with her favorite color — pink. 

Plan around the pink for a subtle look…

Murray makes pink the focal point of a space, then plans the rest around it. “It’s all about restraint,” she says. “In order to properly appreciate the shade, you need to introduce other hues to your décor scheme.” Her favorite color combo? Pink and green

“My kitchen incorporates chalky green tiles, forest green Sandberg wallpaper and teal cabinets — plus grass-green Le Creuset salt and pepper grinders, and assorted plant pots. And the plants themselves of course — greenery in the kitchen feels fresh and sets off pink shades to perfection.”

…but don’t be afraid to go bold. 

“I must confess, as much as I adore my kitchen with its pared back use of pink, I do hanker after a set of rose-tinted cabinets,” according to Murray. “And if you are a pink lover who feels similarly, I say go for it!”

Her dream cabinets would be painted with Farrow & Ball’s muted Sulking Room Pink. Or, if she was “really going for it,” perhaps Mylands’ color of the year: the shocking pink FTT-006 that was featured in the Barbie movie.

Go minimalist with monochrome…

“Once your pink cabinets are in place, I’d encourage color-happy minimalists (yes, that’s a thing!) to keep the rest of the design monochrome, to help the pink really sing out,” suggests Murray. “Marble worktops are always a winner, as is brass hardware.”

…or embrace maximalism. 

“But If a maximalist color mash-up is more your style, then have fun with patterned wallpaper and color-pop bar stools,” she says. “Bookshelves in the kitchen are also a great way to add a splash of personality.”

“Pinkspiration” is everywhere.

From pale ballet pink to bold fuschia, there’s a perfect rosy hue out there for everyone.  “If you’re not sure [what shade is for you], try checking out your wardrobe for pinkspiration, or see which pink-hued florals catch your eye as you pass your neighbors’ gardens,” Murray says. “The great news is: Whatever shade does it for you, pink is a color that pairs with pretty much any other — though green and blue will always be winners!”

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Whether you prefer to go bold with pink cabinets or start slow with one accent wall, check out these fun and vibrant ways to “pinkify” the heart of your home.

1. Go bold or go home.

One of Adora’s biggest design influences is Jayne Mansfield’s former Pink Palace — and her vibrant kitchen is proof of that. “I had no idea how anything was going to turn out, but since I already didn’t like how everything looked before, I figured why not try,” she says.”

Credit: Emily Meyer

2. Embrace vintage details.

Pale or salmon pink backsplashes were the norm in the ‘60s and ‘70s, so they’re not uncommon in homes that haven’t been updated in a while. But, instead of renovating your kitchen, consider embracing the vintage detail. Just use this wonderfully retro Austin rental as inspiration. 

Credit: Viv Yapp

3. Pair pink with unexpected colors.

Break the mold by pairing a dainty pink with bright, bold colors that you might not expect. Tania’s vibrant kitchen features hot pink, fire engine red, and fluorescent yellow — you wouldn’t think these opposing hues would work together so beautifully, but they totally do. 

Credit: Lana Kenney

4. Opt for pink stools.

If you’re not ready to take the full pink leap yet, start with subtle, pink stools. The textured cushions in this Cape Town home become the focal point in a relatively neutral kitchen.

5. Paint an accent door.

Ashley Wilson’s pastel kitchen feels as if you’re walking into an Alice in Wonderland tea party. If you’re fully committed to a pink theme, – cabinets, chairs, and all – take your color game up a notch by painting the door in the kitchen, too. It just makes sense that any pastel kitchen should have a pink portal. Plus, the light pastel accents here complement the soft pink focal points.

6. Combine yellow and pink.

This kitchen dining area from House & Garden features a classic, lively color combo: pink and yellow. The mustard tone and muted pink color highlight decor accents like the storage shelf and stunning, silver table. 

Credit: Tina Bousu

7. Hang statement artwork.

No maximalist kitchen is complete without a statement piece of art. While this bold, leafy kitchen incorporates lots of focal points, you can dress up your kitchen in a more subtle way by hanging up a single pink photo. This can add interest and energize even the most drab kitchen.

8. Paint a pale pink accent wall.

If you can paint your walls, start with one accent wall in your kitchen to add a splash of pale pink color. Adding just a hint of color to your kitchen—particularly if it’s small or in need of bigger renovations—will transform the space in no time and is a budget-friendly, temporary solution. This 400-square-foot studio apartment’s small kitchen shows how it’s done.

9. Or paint all your kitchen walls a pale pink.

If you want to add a lot of color to your kitchen but not overwhelm the senses, consider painting all your walls a pale, blush pink. It’s a bold enough hue that the space will feel vibrant, but a soft enough shade that it won’t feel too busy. As seen in this Los Angeles home’s kitchen, a blush pink, especially when paired with all-white cabinetry, is the perfect punch of color for a space.

10. Highlight architecture with pink paint.

I love how the homeowner of this Victorian end-of-terrace house uses pink all over her home, but especially in the kitchen. High-gloss, hot pink paint coats the kitchen’s window frame and sill, creating a fun pop of color in an unexpected place. See more on the Instagram account The Pink Terrace.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

11. Install a pink tile backsplash.

Adding a fresh backsplash to a kitchen can give the room an immediate face lift. Choosing a pink tile for your backsplash is a novel way to add a little pink into your kitchen. We love how the hue looks with gold cabinet pulls and accents, like in this small Toronto apartment.

12. Paint your cabinets a bold pink.

If you want to really embrace the color pink, why not paint your cabinets? This Swedish kitchen is now a peppy prep space and has a fun retro touch thanks to the black and white stenciled DIY backsplash. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit bold!

13. Add a pink hue to your kitchen island.

Islands don’t have to be made of traditional wood or granite—you can totally opt for a pink marbleized hue like in this modern Boston condo. Look how well the color looks paired with those funky light fixtures!

14. Go for pink floors AND pink walls.

Pinks floors and pink walls? Why not! This NYC rental kitchen is full of cheer thanks to the addition of this happy hue. Stick-on tiles can work wonders if you’re looking to replicate the look in your own space.

15. Pick a retro pink fridge.

Retro-style appliances like the ones from SMEG are always cheery due to their fun retro look and bright colors. This pink fridge is a great way to combine style and function and will make you feel a little bit more cheery every time you walk into your kitchen. The proof is in this fun Australia home’s cooking space.

16. Or go for all-pink appliances.

Who says you have to stop with a pink fridge? If you’re in the market for new appliances, why not select them in this happy hue? You can opt to mix and match shades like in this 1940s A-frame cabin or go for a more uniform look. It’s a bold look that will certainly make a statement!

Credit: Sylvie Li

17. Combine pink cabinetry with pink pendants.

This Montreal kitchen looks darling and welcoming thanks to the stunning pink cabinets and corresponding pendants that will capture guests’ attention immediately. It’s the perfect party-ready space for those who love to entertain.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

18. Enhance the power of pink walls with equally pink accessories.

When spicing up your kitchen, don’t stop with just the walls! Adding accessories in corresponding colors will help make your space feel cohesive and complete. Look for coffee canisters, utensil holders, and vases in your hue of choice to kick things off. Interior designer Tiffany Pratt‘s Toronto kitchen shows how it’s done.

19. Play with pink on multiple surfaces.

We spy pink up high and down low! Don’t be afraid to paint the ceilings, cabinets, and everything in between in this whimsical hue. We appreciate the creative mix of dark and light shades in the kitchen in the California house above.

Credit: Andrea Sparacio

20. Use pink as a background for your colorful collection.

This kitchen is truly a maximalist’s delight and proves that pink can serve as the perfect backdrop for those looking to skillfully incorporate a whole variety of colorful accessories into their space. The dinner parties in this Brooklyn loft are probably pretty epic!

21. Show some salmon pink love, and pair it with gold.

Salmon pink, as seen above, is a bit more subdued but still makes a major statement in this beautiful kitchen in one of the Kip & Co founder’s Australian house. We love how trendy it looks with the bold marble backsplash seen here.

22. Get playful with pink and green.

Pink and green isn’t just for preppy clothing—the color combo also looks fantastic in the kitchen. Bright green tiles pair nicely with a calming light pink and make for a charming addition to this maximalist kitchen in this classic Buenos Aires home.

23. Go for neon pink.

Don’t be shy—neon, while not for everyone, always manages to shine! The neon pink walls in this Los Angeles home’s kitchen make for the perfect backdrop to display bold artwork and add immediate intrigue to the space.

24. Show off a collection of vintage wares.

Paint your kitchen walls pink and then show off your favorite cheeky vintage pieces to create a playful space that’s still totally functional. You spend plenty of time in the kitchen as it is, so why not make it an enjoyable spot that reflects your personality? This Oakland home’s kitchen does just that.

Credit: Minette Hand

25. Mix blush and black.

This sophisticated combo never fails, and it’s a contrasting couple that will up the drama in any room. The Brooklyn kitchen above skillfully features both blush and black in a way that looks modern and fresh. Gold pendant lights are the perfect finale!

26. Opt for textured blush pink.

Go for a textured pink to add an artistic touch to your kitchen walls. This Berlin apartment proves that simplicity can look pretty sweet (and is motivating me to keep my counters clutter-free!).

27. Add some deep pink.

Deep pink, as seen in the LA home above, will transform an ordinary kitchen in just an afternoon. You could also opt to wrap plain wooden cabinets in a fun patterned contact paper to bring additional color into your kitchen.