18 Charming Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Instantly Update Your Space

updated Dec 12, 2023
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Credit: Sylvie Li

We often shop for artwork to fill out a gallery wall in the living room or create an eye-catching display in an entryway, but hanging art in the kitchen? It isn’t as common — but maybe it should be! Whether you’re adding a few pieces that compliment your kitchen decor, or going totally avant garde, there are endless ways to incorporate kitchen wall art that really speaks to your personality.

No matter your style, budget, or kitchen setup, we bet you’ll find at least a few looks that you’ll potentially want to copy in your own space. The moral of the story? Art belongs in kitchens just as much as it does in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Just check out these 18 stunning spaces below that perfectly incorporate kitchen wall art. 

1. Quirky and Colorful

We love art that’s on theme, like the colorful Jell-O print in this food writer’s Brooklyn home. Food-themed art just makes sense in the kitchen, and it’s a stylish way to bring color and visual interest to the space. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter.

2. Tiny Paintings

With a plethora of appliances, cabinets, and other must-haves, kitchens can be tough to decorate. It’s easy for this space to look bland and boring. Take a leaf from actress Diane Gaeta’s book and decorate your kitchen like her Los Angeles rental by hanging a tiny (but stunning) art print above the kitchen window for a pop of color.

3. Kids’ Art

The owner of this mid-century Australia home displays her kids’ art in a way that breathes life into her space. Not only is the art adorable, but it also adds whimsy, color, and personality to the home. (And we also can’t overlook that amazing banana-shaped neon sign peeking out from the hallway.)

Credit: Erin Derby

4. Gold Frames

Ornate frames can make any art print look elegant and vintage. In a neutral kitchen, consider adding large gold frames, as seen in this NYC apartment, to make the space feel more cozy and lived-in.

5. Vintage Textiles

The wall hanging in this Maryland townhouse adds texture and a stunning pop of color to the kitchen. The textile’s mustard yellow color matches the barstools to make the space feel totally seamless. Next time you’re at an antique store, check for vintage flags or tapestries that would complement the accents in your kitchen.

Credit: Lana Kenney

6. Opt for Photography

Black-and-white photography may not be the first style on your mind when it comes to art for the kitchen, but we have to say that the oversized picture above looks good, particularly with the dark cabinets. If you’re a photography fanatic, you can even consider printing and framing one of your own shots! This example is a portrait, but you could always use a vacation shot or a landscape.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

7. Bold and Graphic

Go bold with a graphic print like the custom made Drunken Sailor themed chalkboard this Toronto couple hung in lieu of cabinets on a blank wall in their kitchen. You could keep chalk art confined to a board, as seen here, or even paint a whole wall with chalk paint. It’d be the perfect place for the grocery list! We’re majorly digging their teal pantry cabinet as well.

Credit: Cathy Pyle

8. Small but Mighty

If you’re on a strict budget or decorating a short-term rental, a printout or postcard may be the best option when it comes to kitchen wall art. The display in the UK kitchen shown above demonstrates that even a small piece can shine when styled nicely — bonus points if you also select a punchy quote.

Credit: Lana Kenney

9. Go Abstract

Have a wall or two that flanks your cook space? Consider framing out your kitchen with an abstract print or set of prints, as seen in this bright and sunny kitchen in Cape Town. Don’t be afraid to go abstract. Here, the blue and white print complements the orange leather stools at the kitchen island.

Credit: Sandra Rojo

10. Shelf Help

Here’s a simple, subtle shelf display that caught our eye in this Barcelona kitchen. This charming setup is great if you like to rotate your kitchen wall art out. You can change pieces up whenever you want and don’t have to worry about additional wall holes beyond hanging the shelf itself.

11. Contrasting Details

A graphic print hung over subway tile makes for the perfect finishing touch in this redone Michigan kitchen. While snazzy appliances and gorgeous tiles may be all the rage, don’t forget about smaller decorative elements like artwork when designing a space!

12. Say Yes to Sunshine

Get happy! Julia Dzafic’s sunny kitchen feels even brighter, thanks to the Gray Malin print that she chose to display beside her counter. She has another, different style of piece from the photographer hanging up in her nearby dining space, which helps keep the room cohesive without being too uniform.

13. Create a Peaceful Scene

Andrea Denes also opted for a beachy print in her kitchen, and we don’t blame her — who doesn’t want to dream about a tropical getaway while tackling meal prep and other chores? We love that she used her range hood as a ledge; it’s the perfect spot to showcase a special picture or photo.

14. Artsy Antiques

Blogger Kristie Barnett dramatically made over her kitchen, which now features tons of gorgeous green. A vintage-looking piece of art complements her color scheme and adds an antique touch to the room.

15. Rustic Charm

Blogger Christy Harper’s farmhouse kitchen looks like somewhere we would want to spend a ton of time, and the rustic kitchen wall art above the oven makes the space feel even more welcoming and sweet.

16. Gold Accents

Blogger Erin Kestenbaum redid her kitchen as part of the One Room Challenge this past fall, and she included a gorgeous nature painting in her final space. A gilded gold frame makes the piece look gallery-like and extra special.

17. Haute Plates

Did you think kitchen wall art only meant framed pieces? That’s totally not the case. If baskets are boho, then ceramic plates and bowls are quirky and eclectic. Just look at this Dutch kitchen nook. All of the plates and little dishes hanging on the wall echo colors used throughout the room, from the hot pink tapers and blush colored vase on the kitchen table to quilted pillows on a bench and even the backs of the bold, modern dining chairs. It’s more than okay to get creative with your “art” choices.

Credit: Lana Kenney

18. Collage Effect

If you have a sideboard or buffet in your kitchen, you can do what these South Africa-based homeowners did with their record player cabinet — set it off with a large-scale collage or mixed media piece of artwork hanging above it. Remember that if you have other kitchen wall art mounted around the room, matching the frames might be a good strategy for creating balance and making sure the overall look is visually cohesive.