This Darling Baggu Picnic Blanket Is My Holy Grail for Spring

published Apr 27, 2024
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Puffy Picnic Blanket, Clouds, Recycled polyester, 72" x 54"
Credit: Baggu

It’s no secret that one of the best things to do in the summer is have a picnic. From finding the ideal half-sun, half-shade spot, to packing a crunchy caprese sandwich, to stuffing your tote with a book, sunscreen, and all the things you need to stay out for hours, it’s just such an idyllic way to spend a warm afternoon. The only catch, for me, is picking the right picnic blanket. 

One day, I hastily grabbed a gray throw on my way out for a park hang, and ever since it’s been relegated to picnic blanket status. It’s a great blanket for a couch, but its woven nature makes it less than ideal for grass — it’s a magnet for little leaves and tree flotsam. And it’s far from water-resistant; any damp ground will seep right through. 

I’ve used other blankets and sheets over the years, but I’ve never found my holy grail picnic blanket. That is, until last year, when I first discovered that reusable bag brand Baggu makes picnic blankets. At $70, it’s not the cheapest option around, and it was enough to stop me from clicking “buy” right away. But it’s the kind of thing that’s much easier for me to buy for a loved one than it is for myself, so when I finally bought it last month, it was for my sister’s birthday. 

Luckily, I’ve gotten to use hers, and now I know I need my own. First off, it’ll be no surprise to Baggu fans that the blanket comes in a range of cool patterns, from the Clouds version that looks like sky on a perfect picnic day, to this darling Strawberry option. I bought my sister one in the Sunshine Tile pattern, which is sold out online now, but the brand is always bringing in new designs.

What makes Baggu’s Puffy Picnic Blanket so great? For one, it’s the right size. It’s not so big that it’ll catch in the wind like a sail when you try to lay it down, but, at 72 inches by 54 inches, it’s big enough that you and your friend can lounge comfortably on it together, along with your picnic. 

What’s more, the blanket is made of quilted polyester, so not only is it cushier to sit on than a standard sheet, but it’s also thick enough to provide more of a barrier between you and the dewy grass or slightly damp ground — ideal for enjoying the sunny day amid a rainy spring. 

And finally, the picnic blanket rolls up into itself and Velcros shut to turn into a (rather adorable) portable cylinder, thanks to the built-in carrying strap. The material is so lightweight, you can easily tote the blanket around while you go peruse the farmers market or go about the rest of your day.