This $499K House for Sale Looks Like It Has a Barn on Its Roof

published Oct 6, 2023
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Grand champion Herford steer and a red barn on a century farm just outside of Jefferson, Oregon. Daffodils are blooming.
Credit: Bob Pool / Shutterstock

There’s nothing wrong with a home that’s a bit cookie-cutter, but plenty of buyers prefer something a little bit more unique. That’s the understatement of the century for one Blacksburg, Virginia home for sale, with Reddit users marveling at its one-of-a-kind design and eye-catching exterior.

The home was designed by the late Emeritus Dennis Kilper, an architect and Virginia Tech professor, with the listing noting that it “embraces the core principles of Modern architecture — functionality, flow, open space, the use of glass for natural light, exposed steel & wood beams, and rooftop living.” And with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and nearly 3,000 square feet of living space, there’s plenty to offer within its walls. But the walls themselves are unlike anything you’d find in most homes, with one Reddit user on r/zillowgonewild sharing that the 1992 build “looks like someone dropped a barn on an interesting modern home.”

With ample sunlight, high ceilings, and an upper atrium that leads out to a roof terrace for outdoor entertaining, it’s clear that this home will suit a buyer with a keen eye for art and design. Reddit commenters were split down the middle in their reactions. One person called it “Amish contemporary,” while another joked that it has “so many places for a toddler to get their head stuck.”

Still, plenty of people loved it. “This puts the wild in @zillowgonewild — I love it!” wrote one user. Another called it “Absolutely incredible. Wild and amazing. I’d ditch the red for another color and do some updating but I’d live here in a heartbeat.” Another shared: “I would want the pickiest inspector I could find. Also, if I’d lived here as a kid, I would have attempted to parachute/zipline/hang glide from the roof at least once.” Yet another noted: “It’s like someone converted an airport hangar to a post-modern library then to a home. I don’t hate it.”

Within just a few days of being listed, the $499,000 home already has a pending offer, so it might already have its perfect owner. That said, you never know what could change, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled if you’re in the area looking for your dream home.