Is the Toilet in This House Listing an Optical Illusion or Extremely Questionable Placement?

published Aug 1, 2020
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It’s certainly not uncommon for a bathroom or powder room to be centrally located near a home’s kitchen, especially since there’s a good chance for it to be the main part of the house. But one Twitter user recently found an utterly bizarre feature on a new house listing, which seemingly shows the bathroom directly off the kitchen with a see-through door, giving full view to the toilet.

Twitter user @WolfSkullJack has been trying to find her first house, and she stumbled upon a new listing that caught her eye. She wrote that it’s a “beautiful terraced Victorian red brick house whilst you can make eggs in the morning and watch your partner take a slash all at the same time,” for “only £495k,” or around $642,000 US dollars.

In the included photo from the listing, you’ll see a lovely updated kitchen with ample counter space and plenty of natural light, but if you look just a bit closer, you’ll notice what appears to be a fully visible toilet, thanks to the completely see-through (as in, nearly floor to ceiling) door to the bathroom itself. The door even has a sizable window directly adjacent to it, so as fellow Twitter users pointed out, even if someone wanted to replace the door, there’s still that pesky side window hindering full privacy for those in the bathroom.

Though she didn’t include the original listing itself, people had jokes aplenty about why, exactly, one would need visibility like this for a bathroom. Someone joked, “so they can make sure the spaghetti pot doesn’t boil over” while using the bathroom, and another said, “I guess the upside is you always know if it’s occupied.” 

Still, one person pointed out that it might simply be an optical illusion and not actually as bonkers as it seems at first glance. Twitter user @Valfulnir wrote, “It’s an optical illusion. There are two doors with a hallway in between. The Bathroom-door is just standing open, it’s NOT a glass-door. Under the kitchen door, there is sunlight on the floor from a third door/window on the right, behind the wall, which probably leads outside.”

This certainly seems like a plausible explanation, but it’s still unclear from the only photo exactly what the true story is here. Still, one person wrote it best when they tweeted, “‘the bathroom had a glass door’ is definitely a six-word horror story.”