You Probably Haven’t Heard of this Mattress Brand Yet, But It Gave Me the Best Sleep of My Life

published Oct 8, 2019
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Fact: I am the planet’s worst sleeper. Yes, I know that new parents reading this at 3 a.m. during round two of feeding will think, foolish childfree monster. My brother, a med school student fulfilling his familial duty of reading my articles after a workout training for the Chicago Marathon, will roll his eyes. New York, the city that never sleeps, will close its ports to me in disgust. But I promise, I haven’t enjoyed an uninterrupted night’s sleep in years. 

CUT TO THIS PAST WEEK. Friends, allow me to introduce you to the secret weapon of sound sleep. It’s not melatonin (though my gummies will always have a special place in my heart and nightstand). It’s not nighttime reading (try sleeping after a chapter of “Helter Skelter”). It’s the Bear Pro Mattress

For the past two years, I’ve been sleeping on a different mattress that shall remain unnamed. To its credit, it was a massive improvement from the traditional 10-year-old pillow top mattress I carried with me through college and the chaotic years beyond. But when I acquired the glorious Bear Pro, I quickly realized that this model makes up for what’s missing in my Other Trendy But Not As Good Mattress. 

I ordered a Queen size, which can be yours for $1,090 (or $91/month for those who prequalify). Shipping is—drumroll please—free! The box is tall but compact, perfect for a little greeting hug. Yes, hug it. For those like me who live in a building with an elevator, you can scoot it along yourself up to your home. If you have any steps, you’ll need assistance lifting. 

Onto the unboxing, which was a truly satisfying moment. Bear recommends two folks set up the mattress, so I enlisted the help of my dad, Stewart. Simply hoist your plastic-wrapped sausage of a mattress onto the proper platform, unroll it, and then gently cut away the plastic. A little pop sound indicated that the mattress had begun to rise, and boy was the Magnuson family excited! I turned away for a second to discard the plastic wrap and heard, “Sarah, hand me a pillow.” Lo and behold, there was Stu, reclining on the newest family member, Bear Pro Magnuson. There was no strange chemical-y scent like other boxed mattresses sometimes emit (thanks to that CertiPUR-US certified foam), and while the mattress requires 24 hours to fully inflate, you can rest on it right away. And oh, did I ever!

Like a delicious taco dip, there are five layers to the Bear Pro. The foundation is constructed of high-density support foam, followed by an upper layer of “responsive transition foam” for pressure relief and balanced support. Next comes the critical upper layers, which boast gel memory foam and a copper-infused foam. The copper is important: it absorbs body heat and keeps you cool at night, plus it creates a naturally antibacterial environment.

All of this is wrapped up in a Celliant cover, which is really what makes Bear stand out. Celliant is an FDA-approved textile that is actually beneficial: It converts body heat into infrared light and emits it into the body’s tissue and muscles. What does that mean? Although the technology is new and still being tested, studies suggest that Celliant can actually shorten recovery time and improve athletic performance. This is also why Bear markets itself as a brand for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

If you prefer a firmer mattress like I do, the Bear Pro is a great fit. It’s the firmest direct-to-consumer mattress I’ve ever tried, and my dad (a very smart and good human) agrees. You heard that right—this mattress is Stu-approved! The memory foam targets pressure points, taking stress off of your back, shoulders, and hips, and the difference is palpable.

I’m also a warm sleeper, and often awaken bewildered with my clothes and blankets on the floor surrounding my bed, oblivious to when and how they got there. The cooling foam is—and I do not say this lightly—sensational. Guys, I added a blanket. Can you imagine!? I can, but only because I lived it! And you can too!

You can test out the Bear Pro yourself and sleep easy with their 100-night risk-free trial period, free shipping and returns, and 10-year warranty. Even better? Right now, Bear is having a site-wide sale, so you can score your own mattress for 50 percent off plus two free Cloud Pillows.

Buy: Bear Pro Mattress, Queen, $795 (normally $1, 590)