These Are 3 Genius Bedding Innovations You’re Going to Want In Your Home Today — I Promise

published Feb 20, 2023
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Bronwyn Tarboton's bedroom featuring some finished projects on her wall above the bed
Credit: Erin Derby

Most of the time when I hear about a bedding “innovation,” I cringe. In my opinion, bedding doesn’t need much in the way of innovation. I’m happiest sleeping on simple percale sheets that would have been right at home in my grandmother’s house. However, lately a few bedding products have caught even my skeptical eye. These are not some kind of high-tech fiber or self-cooling sheets, but rather, simple changes in construction that make a ton of sense for functionality. My only question is: Why don’t more bedding brands copy these smart design moves?

Credit: Brooklinen

The double-sided duvet

When I was a teenager, my mother had a friend sew two flat sheets together to make me a duvet cover because the bedding collection I loved did not come with a duvet cover (and yes, I was a teenager asking for sheets for Christmas!). She opted for stripes on one side and floral on the other, which meant I had two very distinct looks for my bed. For years, I looked for something similar, and I finally found it: This striped duvet from Brooklinen flips to a plain white back, giving you two distinct looks, like my long-ago homemade duvet. I wish more bedding brands would offer this double-sided design, so you could get two looks for your bed for the price of one. 

Buy: Linen Duvet Cover, Starts at $259.00 from Brooklinen

Credit: Cultiver

The flip pillowcase

With silk on one side and pure linen on the other, Cultiver’s “Flip” pillowcases are another two-sided innovation. My beauty editor friends have long tried to persuade me that silk is the best choice for both your hair and skin wrinkle-prevention, but I could never get on board with the shiny look. These cases are a genius compromise: You can have your linen bedding with the beneficial silk pillowcase hidden until sleep time. For that reason, these are high on my wishlist! They’re splurgey, yes, but they offer the best of both worlds, and if you buy a set, they’re $10 less.

Buy: Flip Pillowcase, $70.00 from Cultiver

Credit: Evenfall

The universal quilt

Evenfall’s founder chose to buck the traditional bedding norms to create a one-size-fits-all quilt. Positioned vertically, the 60-inch by 90-inch quilt is slightly oversized for a twin, then flipped horizontally it’s big enough to cover both sides of a king. I was skeptical, but I have actually noticed that my son’s twin-sized quilt is quite large (I guess so you can make hospital corners?). Its dimensions are similar to the Evenfall “universal” quilt, so I flopped it over my queen size bed as a tester and realized the twin quilt worked pretty darn well on my queen. Knowing you can use Evenfall’s quilts on any future bed is especially great for an investment, modern heirloom piece you’ll use forever, like these hand-stitched hemp models. Evenfall also gets the award for two-in-one innovations with the reversible version of their one-size-fits-all quilt — the ultimate in flexibility! You may never have to buy spring/summer-weight bedding ever again!

Buy: One-Size-Fits-All Jasper Quilted Hemp Blanket, $495.00 from Evenfall

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