Luxe Lights, Cheap Stencils, and 18 More Easy Ways to Make Over Your Bedroom

published Feb 27, 2024
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After: Bedroom with green stamped accent wall and yellow striped door

Bedrooms are places of rest and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a total design snooze. You deserve to have a space of your own that makes you feel your best — whether that means energized in the mornings or serene in the evenings (or a combo of both!). Your main bedroom design should reflect your personal style. 

If you’re looking around your bedroom and thinking it’s time for a change, but you’re not sure where to start, this story is for you. From little tweaks like adding new lighting to grand transformations like covering the entire room in one pattern, here are 20 ideas for bedroom makeovers you can consider for your next home refresh.

Credit: Ally Doman
Credit: Ally Doman

1. Turn an awkward corner into a cozy nook.

That awkward spot in your bedroom that’s used for, let’s face it, throwing your dirty laundry into a pile isn’t the best use of the space — no matter how easy that is. A much better use for any niche or alcove or empty corner is to turn it into a cozy space for reading and relaxing. In this very pink bedroom makeover, interior designer Ally Doman (@domandecors) transformed a client’s bay window into a cozy space for reading and relaxing, thanks to the addition of a plush chair, ottoman, and a stylish magazine rack.

2. Make a statement with a bold mural.

If you enjoy a bold interior style, consider making a statement with an eye-catching mural. It’s a great way to refresh your space in a unique way, and you can achieve fantastic results in a variety of ways. If you want to unleash your inner artist, paint your own design just like DIYer Chelsea Manzo (@chelseazoart) did — a gorgeous sunset mural livened up her bedroom. For a renter-friendly option that still offers wall-to-wall-scenery, try a peel-and-stick mural.

3. Paint the ceiling.

Paint isn’t limited to the walls. Add a dramatic flair to your ceiling with a bold and bright hue à la Lezeth Alfaro (@lezethh) in her orange-accented bedroom makeover. “I wanted something different for the room, and I wanted to add a rich color,” Lezeth says. “I love how a painted ceiling can make a space feel even bigger, and it draws your eye up.” 

Credit: Emily Hawley
Credit: Emily Hawley

4. Paint the floors.

You could also paint over hardwood or cement flooring if you’re not a fan of the carpet in your bedroom or your floorboards aren’t doing it for you, either. Take inspiration from DIYer Emily Hawley (@sandstoneandslate) who didn’t like the floors in her guest bedroom and painted them a cool blue (Rustoleum’s Sky Blue) for a refreshed look. 

Credit: Megan Shew

5. Use wallpaper or a stencil to cheer up the walls.

If you’re looking for more than just a solid color on the walls, consider a stencil or wallpaper — or a stencil that looks like wallpaper. A $15 leaf stencil and green paint add floor-to-ceiling drama in this bedroom makeover by Megan Shew (@meganjeansav).

6. Add pops of pattern. 

Another way to add color to your bedroom is with patterns. A wallpaper featuring a bold print will bring depth and character, as will any patterned bedding. Or if you’re looking to do something a little more custom-feeling, take inspiration from DIYer Ashley Poskin, who created a stunning floral focal point headboard out of old bookshelves. 

7. Add antiques and vintage accessories for an instant character boost.

One way to give your bedroom some extra character is to incorporate some antique, vintage, or vintage-inspired pieces into your space. I love the way the mid-century wood pieces go with the green and yellow in Janine Genower’s (@houseofedencourt) cheerful bedroom redo — and her accessories are largely thrifted and vintage, too. 

8. Install sconces for a luxe look.

One way to instantly elevate your bedroom is to install sconces flanking the bed for nighttime or early morning reading in style. This simple change will make your bedroom feel straight out of a boutique hotel, and using plug-in sconces means you don’t have to do a single bit of wiring. Emily of Cheerfully Made’s petite plug-in white ones are perfectly chic in her bedroom redo.

Credit: Sandy Jandu
Credit: Sandy Jandu

9. Add personality with artwork.

A simple way to add personality to your bedroom is with a wall of artwork. DIYer Sandy Jandu created an elegant gallery display by lining up some of her favorite artwork above her bed. She hung her frames so that all the bottom edges of the various-sized rectangles were aligned, creating a perfectly uniform gallery that helps to lengthen the room, but there are tons of ways to lay out a gallery wall.

10. Try “pattern drenching” your room.

If there’s a pattern or design you love, why limit it to just one section of your bedroom? Show it off on your bedding, your curtains, your wallpaper, and more. Writer and DIYer Heather Bien gave her bedroom a makeover with charming wall-to-wall blue and white toile wallpaper. 

11. Give your nightstands a makeover.

For a small-scale bedroom makeover, give your nightstands a refresh. Hannah Fröberg (@myplaceincolour) amped up her once-white bedside tables with a sunny yellow paint and a floral peel-and-stick wallpaper. You could also paint your nightstand or add new hardware for a refresh.

12. Leverage a neutral color palette.

Although there are several ways to add pops of color to a bedroom, you can also calm things down with a more neutral palette. After all, neutral colors are a classic for a reason, so don’t underestimate their power to take your bedroom from drab to fab. Amy Wadsworth (of 804 Sycamore) used a muted palette in her bedroom to create a serene sleep space. 

Credit: Alethea Jay
Credit: Alethea Jay

13. Save nightstand space by using pendant lights instead of table lamps.

Speaking of nightstands, between books, a lamp, candles, and that glass of water you’re going to chug at 2 a.m., it’s easy to end up with a cluttered bedside table. Save on space by opting for pendant lights instead of traditional table lamps. DIYer Alethea Jay saved precious nightstand space by installing hotel-worthy pendant lights in her bedroom. She spray-painted pendant light kits and basic lampshades to create the look, and the lights inside are battery-powered. Plus, with no hardwiring, they are completely renter-friendly. 

14. Add a mirror to make your space feel larger.

Using mirrors is a simple way to bring light in and make a small room appear larger. Bonus points if your piece becomes a work of art in itself, like Lindsey Mahoney’s (@buildingbluebird) DIY checkerboard mirror.

Credit: Van Tuyet
Credit: Van Tuyet

15. Add architectural interest with wall molding.

Bring some depth and texture into your bedroom by adding some molding to your plain walls. Picture frame molding is a chic way to update your space and can be found at your local hardware store. Designer Van Tuyet (@percivalinbloom) added this trendy detail to her bedroom walls by cutting and installing 96 trim pieces in total. 

16. Swap a ceiling fan for statement lighting.

Consider switching out a clunky ceiling fan for a statement light fixture for an extra-luxe look in your bedroom. Kristy DeGina did exactly that by removing her fan in her 1920s Los Angeles home and replacing it with a golden chandelier that screams old Hollywood glamor. Bonus glamorous idea: Kristy also added a faux fireplace to her sleep space.

Credit: Jessi Way
Credit: Jessi Way

17. Disguise your bedroom TV.

Are you someone who likes to have a TV in the bedroom, but aren’t so keen on it taking center stage? Install it onto your wall to free up some space on the top of your dresser, and build a frame for it to make it part of your decor, like DIYer Jessi Way (@thegoodwrench) did in her luxe Parisian-style bedroom makeover. That’ll make it feel a little less living room-like and a little more some before-bed comedy (or drama, or reality TV — pick your poison). 

18. Give your closet doors a makeover.

Sometimes closet doors can be unsightly, which was the case for Lucía Gogenola (@proyectopasillodeco), who had dark brown sliding doors on her closet. Giving them a fun and colorful revamp, Lucia and her husband added terrazzo-patterned vinyl (you can find similar in the U.S. here) and bright red semi-circle cabinet pulls (you can find similar in the U.S. here). The result is a gorgeous door that also acts as a feature wall.

Credit: Andrea Starr Photography
Credit: Andrea Starr Photography

19. Add storage galore.

Whether you add underbed storage, execute an IKEA wardrobe hack, or create your own built-ins, extra storage in the bedroom is never a bad idea. These built-in shelves by Shalonne Luke (@thebackuphouse) look so sophisticated. 

20. Make a DIY headboard.

If you’ve scoured all of your favorite homeware stores for the perfect headboard but you just can’t find the right one, the solution might be to DIY it! Take inspiration from Mallory Wackerman (@malloryinteriors), who designed her dream headboard with cane webbing, cardboard, staples, wood, and patterned wallpaper. It’s chic and renter-friendly.