I’m a Style Editor, and This Bedroom Trend Is Going to Be Huge This Year

published Feb 3, 2023
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Matching bedroom sets have, well, a polarizing reputation to say the least. No matter your stance on the style though, a new, super-modern take on this look has recently been emerging, and it’s bound to dominate decorating this upcoming year: beds with built-in nightstands.

As a more design-forward approach to bedroom sets, low-sung, two-in-one headboards with attached matching end tables or shelves are on the rise. In fact, designer Sabra Ballon of San Fransisco-based ballonSTUDIO, points to this double-duty furnishing as a “sought-after trend for 2023.” That said, I’ve already started seeing bed-nightstand hybrids popping up in a handful of real homes, from Casa de Car Designs creator Carla Morrone’s bedroom in Savannah, Georgia, to the minimalist Chicago house tour pictured above.

With its roots in the high-end hospitality market, this symmetrical style consolidates three bedroom fixtures into one extended, mattress-framing silhouette, while still maintaining somewhat small footprint. Most feature fairly slim nightstand or shelf units “hung” completely flush to the mattress, meaning you get additional bedside storage (on both sides, no nightstand sharing needed!) without dominating a ton of square footage. Of course, these pieces obviously do demand a bit more clearance than your average headboard, but if your room allows it, beds with nightstands establish a clean, streamlined look that’s not overly matchy-matchy. In addition, per Ballon, the nightstand add-ons specifically bring “instant elevation to a tranquil bedroom space.”

Because this trend essentially involves buying a complete bed frame plus two (or more) additional end tables, prices do skew on the higher side. Comparatively though, you can still find all-inclusive bed-nightstand combos for less than the total cost of buying each item a la carte. Budget-friendly workarounds exist, too, like searching for just headboard versions specifically (versus entire bed frames) or tapping into vintage mid-century modern iterations (like this one-of-a-kind 1950s German beauty from Etsy). Either way, whether you want to upgrade your existing sleeping situation or pull off that sleek, hotel-quality twin nightstand effect, these furniture fixtures make for an easy — and stylish — one-and-done decorating focal point. Below, I rounded up a few of my favorite beds and headboards with built-in nightstands from brands like Article, CB2, and Wayfair, starting at $699.

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This CB2 bed style includes not one but two multi-height sets of matching shelving units. Think mattress-level storage for glasses, water, or your phone — the headboard also has super-small cord cutouts for charging — plus, additional space below for stashing books, piling blankets (or clothes!), or keeping small fans or a sound machine somewhat out of sight. Even discounted, the piece is no doubt an investment, but you absolutely can’t go wrong with the timeless, durable Acacia wood construction (although this also comes in a clean white finish, too).

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There’s a lot to love about this double-duty Article design, between the floating nightstands (spacious enough for small table lamps), smart interior cord system, and pretty patterned oak finish. The latter especially breathes a fresh, natural feel into the bedroom, thanks to its pair-with-anything light tone. If you prefer darker furniture, however, a walnut version exists as well.

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AllModern’s Vesta bed has the best of both built-in worlds: drawers and barely-there bottom shelves on either side. Basically a two-in-one frame and bedside organizer, this simple wood style can instantly modernize any space.

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Note that this is technically just a headboard, but if you don’t need a brand new bed-nightstand combo (or don’t have the space for one), consider Article’s Almelo style as the next best thing. The half-circle velvet piece still includes two small attached shelves on either end and comes in both green and rust-like colors. At just $699, you can get the on-trend bedroom look for way less here.

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was $1630.00

This T-shaped bed sits especially low to the ground for that laid-back-meets-modern look, but it also combines a faux leather upholstered headboard with a wood base. You can take your pick of color pairings for this unique mixed-material design, too, from the walnut-and-white look pictured here to a darker black-and-grey version. Act fast while it's currently on sale!

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