You Can Sleep Surrounded By 1 Million Bees in This Italian “Air Bee and Bee”

published May 19, 2022
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Credit: Davide Mandolini
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There’s no shortage of unique Airbnbs to be found around the world, but the newest listing near the idyllic village of Grottole in southern Italy is truly only for the bravest and most fearless of heart. In honor of World Bee Day on May 20, an Italian beekeeper has listed the world’s first bee farm on Airbnb, and guests can sleep in the honeycomb-shaped structure… that is, if they’re okay with having a colony of one million roommates.

Local beekeeper Rocco Filomeno enlisted the help of 25 nearby volunteers to create the oversized hive on his olive farm, hoping to create awareness of the importance of bees. He received around $17,000 through crowdfunding to create the one-room space, in which guests can look up and see a unique handmade apiary (aka a box designed for beehives) in the ceiling that contains a working hive of more than one million bees. It provides the unique opportunity to doze off to sleep amid the gentle humming of bees above.

Filomeno will welcome guests personally and provide a lesson about the environmentally important pollinators, also offering guests a breakfast of ricotta, strawberries, homemade biscuits and, of course, local honey. Nine apiaries surround the structure, but don’t worry, there’s a net to protect against stings. There’s also an outdoor bathroom and a private bathroom in a nearby cottage, with the listing noting that the experience is “100 percent rural.” That means there’s no electricity (though Filomeno will provide LED lights that recharge in the sun), and no fridge, but guests will be given a cooler bag with fresh water for perishables.

In a press release announcing the (ahem) buzzworthy listing, Filomeno said: “This is the first place in the world where you can sleep immersed in the distinctive sound and aroma of the bees, experiencing ‘bee-therapy’ in the most authentic and natural way.”

This charming  “air bee and bee” is now available to book at around $144 per night, and all proceeds will go towards bee conservation efforts.