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Before & After: Aron’s Room Grows Up

published Oct 11, 2011
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To quote The Byrds: “To everything – turn, turn, turn.” Aron loved his animal mural, but he was growing up and it was time for a change. Check out the room his mom put together for him – inspired by one of his great passions:


Leah shares the transformation of Aron’s room:

My son Aron is an avid baseball fan – a New York Yankee fan/addict to be more precise. He spends most of his spare time playing baseball, reading about it, talking about it, watching ESPN and of course, Yankee games. In fact Aron dreams about becoming the first Sabbath observant Yankee baseball player. That is a tall order. I say he should pursue his dreams.

When Aron turned nine I encouraged him to allow me to replace the jungle themed bedroom my husband designed for him when he was three years old with a baseball themed room to reflect his current passion. It was difficult for Aron to let go of his beloved jungle wall mural. He had become attached to several of the animals, who he revealed, lulled him to sleep whenever sleep eluded him. When he finally agreed to the room change, Aron was the one to take the paint roller and cover up his beloved panda with two coats of primer. It was an emotional but exciting parting. Aron helped my husband and I paint the Yankee pinstripes and from there the room just continued to evolve. Aside from the Yankee bedding, almost nothing new was purchased to decorate Aron’s room. It was decorated with objects already owned and loved by Aron and others that were collected over many years, mostly from flea markets and garage sales.

When Aron’s friends visit they ooh and ah when they first see his bed and the pinstriped wall behind it. Most gratifying however, is when they turn to see his wall of nearly 800 baseball cards composed of a combination of vintage cards from his father’s childhood and current cards from his own. That’s when their mouths fly open and they gasp. The awed looks on their faces and the proud look on Aron’s, is priceless.

I know many adult men who would love this room! Thanks Leah! Readers, you can see more of Leah’s interior design work on her website Spaces.

(Images: Leah W./Spaces)