Before & After: Wife Gets Creatively Crafty With Husband’s Charging Corner

updated Jul 15, 2020
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As someone who has fought a long and hard war with cable clutter well before I ever started writing for Apartment Therapy, blogger, Marji Roy’s before and after project impressed me by forgoing off-the-shelf cord/cable hiding solutions and devising something unique to her husband’s home office needs using IKEA storage modified to keep everything neatly out of view, while also well ventilated…

Marji Roy of Ashbee Design shares:
This is where the rechargeable batteries, the camera batteries, the jawbones speaker, the vacuum cleaner battery and two laptops get charged. This also where the external hard disks are for backing up the laptops as well. It is a busy corner. It is not a beautiful sight. He asked if I would find a better solution and I was more than happy to help. (How often does your husband invite you to organize their space?)

The parameters were:

  • Stuff be out of sight but still easily accessible. Sometimes the chargers have to be unplugged to travel with us.

  • Flexible – Who knows what that shape of the charger for the next gizmo will be?

  • Expandable – This collection certainly isn’t decreasing!

  • Masculine in style
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Marji’s project is ingenious for its simplicity and effectiveness. I think I would have tried to make holes instead of the more elegant raised top finish, which allows for easier access and better ventilation.

See many more photos, details, and descriptions over at Ashbee Design’s Organizing • Charging Station project.

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