Before & After: A Budget- and Renter-Friendly Patio Makeover

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It was love at first sight for Elizabeth and her patio. And like any good relationship, they’ve inspired each other, supported each other and brought a little color into each others’ lives.

From Elizabeth: When we took the tour of our apartment I didn’t even need to step through the front door before I realized that we we’re going to take it. Simply based on the patio.

When we started searching for where we would live, one of my all time desires was to have an outdoor space, whether that be a little balcony or a full back yard. I’d like to think we fell in the middle and scored with this spacious patio.

I instantly realized it had sooooo much potential. One of my favorite things to do on my blog is bring my readers styling ideas and things that they can replicate in their own homes without spending a fortune and not being overly complicated. I’m 24 and I really wasn’t looking to break my little bank with furniture that probably wouldn’t last more than five years.

We are also renting so I couldn’t make any gigantic changes (aka paint all the exterior walls white and the door teal, because I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE). And I probably would anyways but my boyfriend convinced me that it probably wouldn’t be kosher with our lease, ha!

I’m in no means of an interior designer but I do LOVE the whole world of it, which in my book goes a long way with projects.

Our trip to old town San Diego a few weeks ago was a huge influence, full of design inspiration, especially the natural Southern California look. My goal was to have an outdoor living space that would be the ultimate cozy spot where we would, of course, have lots of margaritas. I think we achieved it!

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