Christina’s Loft With a Hint of “Rococo Glam”Tours
Name: Christina Location: Mid City Arts District — Santa Monica, California My home is a light-filled and well-proportioned 550 square foot loft-style condominium in the Mid-City (Arts District) area of Santa Monica, California. I’ve lived here for three years and love it. I chose this area because it’s a short walk or bike ride to all the action but far enough away that I’m not in the thick of it all.
Oct 3, 2023
A Gutted Connecticut Home Gets A Fantastic FaceliftTours
Name: Athena Location: Fairfield, Connecticut The basics: 6 months, owned | 1,201 square feet Athena’s home was the ugliest on the block (her words!) but after a thoughtful renovation it is a total suburban stunner. With a kitchen that’s to die for and rustic touches throughout, you can tell that it was a labor of love.
Oct 13, 2022
Readers Share Their Scariest Stories: I Wonder if the Ghost Died of Dysentery?Life
In this installment of Apartment Therapy Readers Scare the Bejeezus Out of You, we have KC. KC’s unwanted visitor mostly stuck to your standard spooky stuff, moving items around, turning things off and on again, until one important night. Scary, but also kind of heartwarming, her story might make you a little empathetic towards her ghost. From KC in Kansas: The first house my (now-ex) husband and I bought 26 years ago had an unwelcome occupant.
Jul 17, 2020
Readers Share Their Scariest Stories: A Family of Ghosts Haunts a RestaurantLife
We’re back with another scintillating and scary reader ghost story. This time we’re taken to New Jersey, where a colonial inn turned restaurant plays host to a family of ghosts. From Rachel in New Jersey: When I was in high school and college I worked at a restaurant that was originally an inn from the 1700s. One Sunday afternoon, I picked up the phone at the hostess station and had a chilling conversation with someone who had visited the restaurant over the weekend.
Jul 17, 2020
A Plain Jane Home’s Exterior Renovation Adds CharacterPlants & Yard
After hunting for a house that checked off all of his requirements, Anthony realized that his best option was jumping on a house that was well within his budget, but needed a little work. Armed with an architectural background and a small loan from his bank, he was able to transform his new home in under a year. From Anthony: For my own house I had searched all over the city and couldn’t find something I liked in a location and price range I could afford.
Jul 17, 2020
Enticing Exteriors: A Yellow House Spins the Color Wheel for a Whole New LookPlants & Yard
Michelle was less than enamored with the yellow exterior of her home. After lady luck stepped in to help her snag a house painting service at a charity auction, Michelle was meticulous about choosing the right color. The result is an attractive and eye catching (in a good way) exterior. From Michelle: My house originally had neon lemon yellow siding and no matter how much work I put into landscaping or picking out great furniture, I was always fighting the siding color.
Jul 17, 2020
A Warm and Welcoming Home in a Dream NeighborhoodTours
Name: Anissa Location: Meridian Hills — Indianapolis, Indiana Anissa’s home is a lovely mix of warm woods, bright whites and pops of greenery. Renovating a home is never easy, especially a unique and older one, where striking a balance between maintaining the character of the home and keeping it fresh is key. After dreaming of living in this neighborhood for about a decade, Anissa and her family made their dream come true.
Jul 17, 2020
Before & After: 8 Bedroom Makeover Projects From Our ArchivesProjects & Improvements
The bedroom should be a haven, a place that makes you feel peaceful and happy when you land there at the end of your day. If that’s not the case for you right now, check out these bedroom makeovers and let them inspire you to make your own changes! 1. %20gallery:inline:47923%20%20%E2%80%9CKristen%E2%80%99s%20bedroom/a%20evolved%20over%20time,%20and%20transformed%20three%20times%20since%20she%20started%20working%20with%20interior%20designer,%20Lindye%20Galloway.
Mar 11, 2020
Cathy’s Dining Nook to Master Bath TransformationProjects & Improvements
Project by: Cathy Location: Seattle, Washington At 36 square feet, our master bathroom is pretty tiny, but it’s full of function and style and one of my favorite rooms in our 1905 Spanish-style house, which we call the Dexter House. When we bought the Dexter House, which was what most people would call a giant fixer, our master bathroom was originally a dining nook attached to the kitchen.
Dec 19, 2019
DIY Leaning Framed Floor MirrorProjects & Improvements
We’ve featured Amanda’s DIY projects before and she’s a bit of a DIY master. Skill Level: Moderate Time Required: 2-3 Hours Project Cost: Varies depending on mirror size Plate glass mirror Flat wooden boards, 1 inch thick by 3-4 inches wide Wooden boards, 1 inch thick by 1-2 inches wide Sheet of OSB or plywood, four inches wider and taller than the mirror size Tools Table saw Nail gun and nails Set OSB on a large flat surface, lay mirror on top, centering to fit.
Dec 19, 2019
Tracey and Drew’s DIY Airstream BeautyProjects & Improvements
Project by: Tracey and Drew Location: Park Orchards — Victoria, Australia April 2014: Our Airstream arrived in Australia after traveling on a RORO ship from California. We immediately started gutting her and began the painstaking journey of renovating a space that has no straight lines! We were both working full time so it all had to be done on weekends and evenings. Drew focused on the structural/electrical/plumbing/surface prep, etc. and myself on the interior painting/furnishings/decor.
Dec 19, 2019
Build Your Own Beautiful Moon CradleProjects & Improvements
When my wife was pregnant I started looking for inspiration for the nursery. I found some nice designs for a cradle, but really fell in love when I found images of a moon shaped cradle. This cradle was made by someone in France and also featured on Apartment Therapy. I decided to try and make this myself based on the images I could find online.
Dec 19, 2019
Emma and Andrew’s Environmentally Friendly Sydney Apartment (AKA: A Repurposed Garage)Projects & Improvements
Project by: Emma and Andrew Location: Sydney, Australia My husband Andrew and I were married one year ago. Like many other Gen Y couples, we couldn’t afford Sydney’s ridiculous rental prices, but still wanted/needed to live in the area. With the help of Andrew’s parents (my in-laws), we turned a large double garage space on their property into our own self-contained apartment space, complete with our own kitchen and bathroom.
Dec 19, 2019
Meredith & Michael’s 18th Century Kitchen Gets a “Put-Together Feeling”Projects & Improvements
Project by: Meredith & Michael Location: Portland, Maine Space is at a premium in our 18th century home, so when our old wooden countertops needed replacing, we looked at making as few layout changes to our kitchen as possible. The kitchen and dining room also serve as a focal point in the floor plan, where we entertain guests and spend a good deal of our own time, so we wanted to give the room a consistent, put-together feeling.
Dec 19, 2019
A “GROSS” Bathroom Gets a Glamorous MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Project by: Christina Location: Quakertown, Pennsylvania This bathroom was as bad as it gets – a rotten floor, pink laminate walls, and GROSS all over. Walking into this room now, you would never imagine how terrible it looked before! Crisp white subway tiles, dramatic navy walls, and touches of gold make this room a knock-out! Thanks, Christina! Readers, you can see more of this bathroom remodel on Christina’s Adventures. Re-edited from a post originally published 12.6.
Dec 19, 2019
DIY Home Decor: Lego Family PortraitProjects & Improvements
If photo shoots make you cringe, then Lisa’s Lego-themed family portrait might be more up your alley. It’s cute, but not TOO cute. See how she did it…. Lego Minifigures IKEA Ribba Frame Heavy Cardboard Command Strips Scissors Glue Stick Hot Glue Gun 1. To make the mini figurine family, choose the right hair, heads, bodies and legs (and dogs!) from your Lego stash.
Dec 19, 2019
DIY Room Decor: How To Make A Steel Pipe ChandelierProjects & Improvements
Looking to get the industrial look for less? A perfect complement to a rustic farm table, Camilla of Something Is Done created this cool chandelier made from pipes.
Dec 19, 2019
Before & After: 15 Kitchen Makeover Projects from Our ReadersProjects & Improvements
We love a good transformation, and some of the biggest happen in the kitchen. Here are 15 of our favorite kitchen makeovers sent in from our readers that are sure to inspire you to get cooking. → Before & After: A Brown & Tiny Kitchen Gets Brightened and Space Maximized!
Nov 20, 2019
DIY Memory GameProjects & Improvements
If you’re looking for a thoughtful and fun gift, look no further. Ioana’s project is a simple, unexpected, and customizable. Skill Level: Easy Time Required: 1 hour Project Cost: $10-20 What You Need Tools Beer coastersPrinted photosClear self-adhesive foilEyeletCardstock, red and whiteBakers twine Materials PrinterCutterRulerEdge rounder (punch)GlueEyelet setterScoring board with bone folder Instructions Cut the photos as big as the coasters and round their edges.
Aug 26, 2019
Before & After: A Courtyard Gets a Low-Maintenance MakeoverProjects & Improvements
For a less intrepid DIY-er the assortment pictured above would be one intimidating pile of rocks. Not so for April. She transformed her courtyard into a relaxing spot, perfect for entertaining. Best of all, it’s super low maintenance so she can spend more time planning parties and less time watering grass! From April: I am in love with the new look of my courtyard area, which was almost all do-it-yourself projects.
Jun 26, 2019
Before & After: Replacing a Rotting Deck With a Budget-Friendly AlternativePlants & Yard
Jennifer’s backyard was overgrown and her deck had seen better days. After clearing away a good portion of the growth, she knew her backyard had major potential but she wasn’t entirely sure what to do about the deck. Enter gravel! Friend to both budget and mother nature, this alternative choice helped Jennifer build a gorgeous outdoor space. From Jennifer: Before I purchased my house in late 2007, it had lived a maintenance-free life. The yard was completely overgrown.
Jun 26, 2019
Before & After: A Budget- and Renter-Friendly Patio MakeoverPlants & Yard
It was love at first sight for Elizabeth and her patio. And like any good relationship, they’ve inspired each other, supported each other and brought a little color into each others’ lives. From Elizabeth: When we took the tour of our apartment I didn’t even need to step through the front door before I realized that we we’re going to take it. Simply based on the patio.
Jun 26, 2019
Reader’s Bathrooms: Splatgirl’s Blue LagoonTours
(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We’re taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts in return. Join us. All info is here.) Welcome to Splatgirl! Hello! I would love to share my bathroom. I designed and DIY’d this room from scratch. It includes a poured concrete Japanese soaking tub, concrete countertops and a 9 1/2 foot tall tile mosaic shower wall.
Jun 4, 2019
Do You Add Anything To Your Christmas Tree Water?Life
Growing up I remember family and friends adding all sorts of things to their Christmas tree water. Some added crushed up Asprin, others a fizzy, sugary soda, even bleach and lemon juice. Does this really help? We’ve got answers!The long and the short of the question, “Should I add anything to my Christmas tree water?” is that you don’t have to. If you have hard water, you especially don’t have to.
May 7, 2019
Before & After: Brook & Fran’s Labor-ious Kitchen RemodelProjects & Improvements
By the time we were completing construction on our kitchen, I was nine months pregnant. Nothing will motivate a contractor to wrap things up faster than his client going into labor before his eyes. I waved away an offer to be driven to the hospital and said between deep breathes, “I just need it done!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Lilly’s Laminate to Butcher Block Kitchen Counter UpgradeProjects & Improvements
From Lilly: When we were shopping for our home and walked through what is now our kitchen, I was really taken aback by the dark and cheap looking laminate counters and back splash. However, I thought the ceramic tile floors and off-white cabinets could be a great base for an update.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Corinna’s Garden Shed to Teen RetreatProjects & Improvements
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Anna Robinson) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)We love the cool loft space and the laidback vibe of the renovation, plus those antler sconces are so chic.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Erik’s Empty Attic to Marvelous Master Bedroom SuiteProjects & Improvements
This was a transformation from a minimally heated, dark, unlivable attic-like space to a bright, modern master suite. The main features include the headboard wall with wall hung sinks on the back side, gas stove, library, skylight, built in bench seat, walk-in closet, and the spacious bathroom. One of the primary design goals was to keep the space wide open while still offering subtle boundaries and separations between functions.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Megan’s Renovated & Rearranged BathroomProjects & Improvements
From Megan:  Our whole house was a mess when we bought it. Nothing had ever been updated properly. The bathroom was our first major interior project and not being very handy, we hired someone to do it for us. It was completely gutted because there were rotten joists in the floor and there wasn’t anything salvageable in the room. It also had a very cramped feeling, so we changed the layout at the suggestion of our contractor.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Ainhoa’s Stenciled Upholstery IKEA ArmchairProjects & Improvements
How do you add some personality to a plain Jane chair? If you’re like Ainhoa and can’t sew, try painting a pattern on it! The after has us practically buzzing:From Ainhoa: My aunt gave us an old accent chair she no longer had room for. My initial idea was to make a new cover out of a fun patterned fabric. The problem? I don’t really know how to sew, so I’d either have to learn, or ask someone for help. My next idea was to dye it.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Marji’s Transformed Tool StorageOrganizing
Anyone else have a garage, basement, or storage space that looks like this? There’s hope: Marji was fed up with the clutter in her tool shed, and she decided to first purge and then create a clever system that works for her.From Marji: As you can see, our tool shed was an unbelievable, disorganized mess.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Maria’s Craigslist Cane Chair MakeoverProjects & Improvements
After scoring these sweet cane back chairs from a Craigslist seller, Maria wondered what to do with them. Well, inspiration struck, and she shared her chic transformation with us.I’m a sucker for a DwellStudio fabric, so I must applaud Maria’s good taste (and cute styling)!From Maria: Way back in June, I found two great cane back chairs on Craigslist for a great price. The seller was so anxious to get them out of his basement that he even delivered them right to my door.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Kelly’s Staircase Remodel on a BudgetProjects & Improvements
Beige carpet and a half wall kept this staircase closed off and out of date. Check out how Kelly and her boyfriend brightened the space on a small budget. From Kelly: My boyfriend installed the hardwood and used melamine (cheap and easy to clean) for the stair risers. Spindles were on sale for $5 each, and we spaced them out a bit. He also made the newel post and even the newel cap!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Christine’s Edwardian Staircase RestorationProjects & Improvements
Christine loved the period details of her dream home — though some of them had been lost under years of paint. Though it took a while (250 hours of stripping alone!), the results of her staircase restoration are light and bright and a little breathtaking. From Christine: We’d been looking for a house to buy for ages and within seconds of entering this house we knew we’d finally found “The One”.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Erin’s Chair Refresh on a BudgetProjects & Improvements
Bargain shopper Erin haggled this chair from an estate sale down to $10. It sat in her home, patiently waiting for a refresh, until she found the perfect fabric. See how she made over this chair for under $50 total:From Erin: I am an Architect Technologist by day and sewer/DIYer/furniture upcycler by night. I am a thrifty shopper, and limit most purchases to no more than $20.00. If it’s in the trash, even better!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Jenna’s Revamped Planter StandProjects & Improvements
Jenna found this planter at a junk store for just $2. Though it was in rough shape, she saw its potential. See how she transformed it into a totally cute vessel for indoor planting.From Jenna: My apartment is small and I have lots of terrariums around the house, but am always looking for fun ways to bring more greenery inside. I found this planter stand at a junk store for $2 — a new coat of paint in a herringbone print, plus some jars I had lying around and voila!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Jérémy’s Painted Vintage FanProjects & Improvements
Today’s Before & After comes from Jérémy, a very talented 16 year old designer from Canada. Here he transforms an old vintage fan from boring to bold with just a paint job. From Jérémy: Old machines are phenomenal artistic works, provided with the refurbishment if they need it. Here’s how an old Eagle Aire fan can be rejuvenated after 50 years without losing its “vintage look.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Margaux’s Night & Day Table MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Margaux inherited this table, solidly built but in bad condition, from a friend. She began by sanding the top of the table, but when she discovered just how many times the top had been repainted, Margaux came up with an alternate idea:From Margaux: A friend of mine gave this table to me when she moved. It was really solid but looked pretty bad. I started by sanding the top, only to find there was about 10 coats of paint and wax.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: A Rental Gets Color in the Living Room Without PaintingProjects & Improvements
How do you add color to a rental without painting? That was the challenge this client posed to Lisa of Olive Juice Designs. She responded by creating an inviting living room, perfect for entertaining, without pulling out a single paintbrush. From Lisa: A single apartment dweller in San Francisco contacted me to help her with her living room. She admitted that her apartment was lacking in many areas, and she was embarrassed to have friends over.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Birdcage Avoids a Date with the LandfillProjects & Improvements
If I had a dollar for every birdcage I’ve seen at yard sales, I’d be in Belize right now. I always note them, but never know what to do with them, which is why this project piqued my interest. See what Kathy and Karen did with a cage they found on the curbside on trash day…. After painting the cage, and removing one of the walls, they outfitted the whole thing with shelves and mounted it on a wooden base.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Hemnes Hack Gets The Dubai TreatmentProjects & Improvements
It’s rare when the words IKEA and Dubai appear in one sentence. Dubai, with its reputation for luxury and modern excess, hardly calls to mind budget furniture. However, UAE resident Jacqui wanted to insert a least a hint of glamour into this old Blue Hemnes dresser, and bring a little glitz to her master bedroom. Here’s her hack… She started by painting the dresser a dramatic jet black, then added a nailhead trim around all the edges. Spray painted gold knobs complete the look.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: A Firsthand Account of a Secondhand HutchProjects & Improvements
Kim found this lovely, albeit ‘beat-up’ secretary desk at a secondhand store, and got right to work fixing it up. Of course, she added a little twist…. Here’s what Kim did, in her own words: First I cleaned it up, then I lightly sanded and painted it sort of an antique cream. I sanded it again then went over the cream with a rubbed on coat of very dilute brown. When the final coat dried I applied a hand-rubbed wax finish.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Simple Lampshade Hack Gets a Gold Medal for GlamourProjects & Improvements
Once again, you don’t have to be a trained woodworker to make something for your home. Armed with some wrapping paper, reader Angelica did something quite clever to this basic table lamp… She went for the gold! For this simple project, cut strips of wrapping paper at the height of the lamp shade and about 2.5 inches wide. Apply Mode Podge on the back of each strip and affix the wrapping paper onto the lamp shade, pressing smoothly to remove any air bubbles.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Small Bathroom Finally Meets Its DIY MakerProjects & Improvements
You don’t often hear about DIY renovation projects that are quick, low-effort, and involve little drama. Emily over at Go Haus Go just posted the final photos of her bathroom redo, which was — believe it or not — all of those things. This is a great example of how layering decor — instead of replacing tile floor and other major jobs —goes a long way towards refreshing a space. Emily put in new wallpaper (with ostriches!
May 4, 2019
Reader Regrets: An IKEA OopsTours
Here at Apartment Therapy we’ve grown accustomed to success stories. Can-do tutorials, beautiful before/afters, and tasteful house tours are what we’re all about! Of course we all know that the business of home improvement is not all peaches and cream.
May 4, 2019
How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard?Tours
We regularly ask readers to share how much they spent on a given item, service, project, or upgrade in the home. We hope this information proves helpful to anyone needing to get a basic sense of how much something costs, and how much you can expect to pay. How Much Did it Cost to Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Since prices vary considerably, let us know how big the tree was, whether you also removed the stump, and if that included removal and/or chipping.
May 4, 2019
How Much Did it Cost to Pave Your Driveway?Tours
We regularly ask readers to share how much they spent on a given item, service, project, or upgrade in the home. We hope this information proves helpful to anyone needing to get a basic sense of how much something costs, and how much you can expect to pay. How Much Did it Cost to Pave Your Driveway? Since prices vary considerably, let us know how long your driveway is, and what material you chose (concrete? asphalt?). Your region of the country is always helpful too!
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Wall Goes From the Woods to WoodProjects & Improvements
Sandy grew tired of her painted birch tree entryway, and needed to switch it up. A quick trip to the hardware store and $28 later, she created a completely new look. Check out what she did and see what you think… Sandy bought four packs of shims and covered the wall from floor to ceiling with cedar. Here’s Sandy with the details on how she did it: Start at the top left hand corner of your wall.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: $15 IKEA Hack Turns These Floor Lamps From Drab to FabProjects & Improvements
Amit had been using these two IKEA floor lamps for TEN YEARS — ever since senior year of college. From dorm room, to first apartment, to the first home, which Amit moved into about a year ago. But while they functioned great, they were drab — boring office gray with a plain white plastic shade that disappeared against the new house’s gray walls.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Narrow Glasgow Bathroom Gets GuttedProjects & Improvements
This old Victorian bathroom is typical of Glasgow tenement buildings —super narrow and definitely hard to maneuver in. Since the original tub wasn’t salvageable, Anne scored a couple more square feet from its removal: From Anne: The bathroom is a very awkward long and narrow shape typical of Glasgow tenements—making it particularly hard to photograph! The end result, £2000 later, is a complete difference.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: TV Stand Turned Play KitchenProjects & Improvements
Not many would see this old media stand and think “play kitchen,” but ChiWei used what she had and came up with a pretty fantastic result for under $90: From ChiWei: I got tired of pulling my 1 year old daughter out of the dishwasher and drawers where she liked to pull out Ziploc bags from the package one at a time. I thought if I gave her her own kitchen, she’d leave mine alone!
May 4, 2019
Before & After: A 70s Chair Returns to Its Vintage GloryProjects & Improvements
This vintage chair was in rough shape, but when the Craigslist seller ended up living across the street, Vanessa knew it was meant to be. With some patience (and a lovely surprise!), the chair has a new life: From Vanessa: I found this worn-out vintage chair on Craigslist and when I found out the seller lived across the street from me, I knew it was meant to be!
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Bathroom Gets Brightened & Brassy RemodelProjects & Improvements
While not totally her taste, Meaghan’s bathroom was functional. The tile floor had been cracking though, so she waited until it was time to replace it to brighten up the rest of the space and add her own touches. From Meaghan: There was nothing functionally wrong with our bathroom and it was generally nice to look at, so we did not really need to do a complete remodel.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Living Room Goes From Bland to BeachyProjects & Improvements
Merci bought her San Francisco condo a couple years ago, and has been turning it into her dream home. See how this staged space went from dated to modern: From Merci: I bought this San Francisco beach condo about two years ago and worked over the first year to decorate with minor renovations to make it the home that I’ve dreamt of. Wanted to feature how color can make a difference in changing a home and low cost renovations to home (e.g.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Weather Worn Dresser Gets RescuedProjects & Improvements
This poor dresser sat out all winter, but Meredith decided it was worth trying to save. See how she restored it to its former glory. From Meredith: A former tenant had left this outside of a property all last winter…yes, that winter that started the first week of October and didn’t end until the last week of April. I had met my maintenance man at the property and we were deciding what to keep and what to take to the dump.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Louis Chair Gets a Royal MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Tranae picked up this Louis chair in good condition, but was less than excited about its outdated fabric. She paired it with a cheery modern floral that’s more suited to her style: From Tranae: After months of looking for a Louis chair at yard sales and thrift shops, I finally found one for $40. The chair was in good condition but I hated the fabric. First, I removed the old fabric and padding using a staple remover and pliers.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Plain Dresser Gets a Heroic MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Amanda’s boys had defaced this plain Jane dresser, so she decided to give it a heroic update with some super fabric: From Amanda: After years of carrying around these boring dressers that my children had graffitied, I figured it was time for a new look. A random stop into Walmart yielded the motivation I needed: 2 yards of Marvel comic book hero fabric. A little mod podge and some bright color paint was all I needed to make the magic complete.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Upholstered Chair Gets Pottery Barn-Inspired MakeoverProjects & Improvements
This floral patterned chair may not look classic, but with some Pottery Barn inspiration, Brittany was able to transform it into a stunning staple: From Brittany: Before reupholstering this armchair, I’d done a few smaller projects (think loose cushions and wood-framed side chairs), but this was my first time taking on a fully-upholstered piece. It was also my first time doing upholstery work for someone else.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: “Nothing Wrong” Kitchen Brightens UpProjects & Improvements
For those amongst us who have a strong urge to stick with “perfectly good” spaces that have “nothing wrong” with them, either look away or be inspired. Becky’s kitchen was fine, but she didn’t love it. So she and her husband ditched what they didn’t like and made it a room they truly love: From Becky: Right from the start we kept the upper cabinets empty, just to see if we could live without them.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: A Free Chair Gets a Feathered MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Chelsea picked up this chair for free, and dove into her fabric stash to find some new life for it. Check out the makeover that cost her $0: From Chelsea: I had been looking for a simple modern chair to use in our office makeover, and when I saw this sleek, chrome number in a garage sale leftover free pile, I jumped on it!
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Stenciled Wall Makes It ModernProjects & Improvements
With such a large and in charge antique headboard, Chelsea’s bedroom was looking one-note. Deciding to create an accent wall behind it, she fell in love with, and then rejected, some really expensive wallpaper. See how she transformed this bedroom for $40! From Chelsea: For years I have had the pleasure of owning an antique family heirloom bedroom set, (my great-great grandmother was born in the bed….TMI?)!
May 4, 2019