Do You Add Anything To Your Christmas Tree Water?

updated May 7, 2019
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Growing up I remember family and friends adding all sorts of things to their Christmas tree water. Some added crushed up Asprin, others a fizzy, sugary soda, even bleach and lemon juice. Does this really help? We’ve got answers!

The long and the short of the question, “Should I add anything to my Christmas tree water?” is that you don’t have to. If you have hard water, you especially don’t have to. But there are some things you can add that won’t hurt and might even help your tree last longer.

A little lemon juice helps raise the acidity of things, a bit of bleach helps cut the bacteria and a splash of corn syrup gives it something to eat (which allows it to retain its needles). Although a teaspoon of this and a teaspoon of that won’t really do much for you if you purchased a tree from a tree lot (they’ve been cut down longer), if you have a fresh cut tree it can really help out.

Do you add anything to the water of your Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Plantarama)